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  • Opps!! This app want to Share Personal info: Here is how Facebook solves it

    Facebook users are more concerned about their privacy setting. It is said that Facebook has received more complains about the privacy setting like controlling the personal information to be shared when the users try a new app. Considering such complains Facebook have added new features.

    The new features will allow the users to control their privacy setting in a much better way than ever. According to the original blog posted by Facebook the new features added to the facebook include the following.

    • Anonymous Login:
    • Facebook Login:
    • A Redesigned App Control Panel:

    Anonymous login is especially for that user who does not want to share their personal information but want to use a third party app. The feature will allow the users to use the app without sharing personal information from Facebook or remembering their user name or the password. But will give the option to the share the information if they want to the share the same later when they really understand the app completely.

    Facebook have also developed a new login system. The new login version wills allow the user to uncheck the categories of the information they want to share. This means that you will be given the option to share the email address or the birthday or either of them and can be manage manually as they wish.

    And finally the Redesigned App Control Panel will give you the control and track the apps which are connected through Facebook. Moreover a dashboard has been added which shows the complete list of all those third party apps which are connected through the Facebook. This will allow the user to manage the app in the way the user like in their own way, like manage specific permissions, or remove apps entirely.

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