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  • Facebook Announces Internet.Org Platform: Guidelines to Participate

    Recent move of �Save the Internet� in India has affected entire world. Yesterday, the social networking site announces the Internet.Org Platform. The aim of the Internet.Org Platform is to allow more people to experience the benefits of being online.

    As explained by the Facebook Internet.Org will be an open program for developers to easily create service that integrate with Internet.Org. The details were posted by the Facebook ,for the original post Click Here. The platform will be open to all the developers and entrepreneurs to extend the benefit of connectivity to diverse, local communities.

    Everyone will be given opportunity to build an app for Internet.Org but must be approved by Facebook. And also Telecom Company can decide not to offer the service, and even then, the service must allow Facebook to track users and share that data with telecom companies and the government.

    Here is What Facebook Explain as guideline for participation

    Explore the entire internet:

    As the platform aims to allow more people to experience the benefits of being online Facebook says participants should encourage the exploration of the broader internet wherever possible providing valuable free service but did not mention anything what Facebook aspect from the participant.


    Websites that require high-bandwidth will not be included. Services should not use VoIP, video, file transfer, high resolution photos, or high volume of photos. Facebook says, "Operators have made significant economic investments to bring the internet to people globally, and needs to be sustainable for operators so that they can continue to invest in the infrastructure to maintain, improve and expand their networks"

    Technical specifications:

    That website who wants to participate must be built to be optimized for browsing on both feature and Smartphone and in limited bandwidth scenarios. And also must be properly integrated with to allow zero rating and therefore can�t require JavaScript or SSL/TLS/HTTPS and must meet these technical guidelines.

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