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  • The Digital Market is Transforming: Mobile Search Killing the Web Search Traffic

    With the advancement in the digital world, the trends for digital marketing are transforming. The favorite topic of discuss of the people across the globe is about the smartphones and similar devices. Have you ever imagined how many smartphones would have launched monthly? Moreover the internet service providers are competing at neck-to-neck battling for the dominance in the market offering unique features to the users. As a result the search traffic is shifting from web based PC to mobile platform.

    According to the report published by the Google �more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.� Although the company haven�t shared the named of all 10 countries. Google says that mobile queries include mobile browser-based searches and those coming from Google�s mobile search apps.

    This may not be good for the future business of the Google. Google ads display are considered some of the most effective and lucrative types of ads in the online marketing world. And such ads are based on keywords typed into the company�s search engine. In the small screen display of the mobiles has less room for keyword-based ads. And also, mobile users spend more time in specialized apps. It was also reported that Google's average ad prices have been in decline for several years.

    According to the Google's Finance Chief Patrick Pichette the company s experiencing strength in mobile search and that the "price per click" in its core search business continues to grow year over year. The reason for the overall decline in ad rates is due to Google's YouTube ads.

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