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  • Civil Engineer � Is This Popular Job In India?

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    Civil engineers are seen in numerous sectors all across the world, from bridge building to constructing new shopping malls, a civil engineer is needed. This high-in-demand job is available in India and the compensation is exceptional but highly dependent on work experience. You�ll find dozens of high paying jobs as a civil engineer on JobTonic, one of the leading job search sites that you can apply for today. Let�s see what you can expect from being a civil engineer in India.

    Salary Statistics

    The salary range in this industry is so drastic between the top 10% and lower 10% that it needs to be broken down to see how much you may earn. The following salaries are provided in Rs.

    Lower 10%: 163,000.
    Lower 25%: 230,000.
    Median: 350,000.
    Upper 25%: 540,000.
    Upper 10%: 830,000.

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    As you can see the salary range can be as high as Rs 830,000 or as low as Rs 163,000. The average civil engineer in India earns Rs 354,000 per year.

    All of this does not include other figures, such as bonus, profit sharing and commission earned by employees. These numbers are also drastically different:

    Bonus: Engineers can expect to earn Rs 15 � 96,000 a year in bonuses.
    Profit Sharing: Not common in most companies. Profit sharing can go as high as Rs 102,000 or be non-existent.
    Commission: Another addition that may or may not be included in your workplace. Commissions are as low as 0 or as high as Rs 25,000.
    Many people that go into the civil engineer field will find that they specialize in a certain area. This specialization plays a big role in the salary of a person. There are 5 main areas of specialization:

    � Project engineer
    � Senior civil engineer
    � Project manager
    � Assistant project manager
    � Structural engineer

    These specializations lead to senior positions, such as deputy general manager or senior project manager among many others.

    Entry-level civil engineers are starting to see their salary drop greatly. For an entry-level position, salaries have dropped by 17%, yet they are much higher even mid-career. Let�s take a look at how experience alters salary in this field:

    Mid-career engineers (5 � 10 years of experience) will earn 30% more than at entry-level.
    Experienced engineers (10 � 20 years of experience) will several years of work experience will earn 69% more than their peers.
    Late-career engineers, those that have dedicated their life to the industry (20+ years of experience) earn 142% more than their peers.

    Based off of a recent survey, more than 80% of civil engineers in India stated that they are highly satisfied in their career. It should be noted that both genders are seen in the field with 92% of engineers being male and just 8% being women.

    Most employers, 59%, offer medical benefits while 40% do not offer benefits to their employees. Just 5% of all engineers will receive dental and vision health benefits from their employer.

    Anyone in India will find that location plays a huge role in pay difference. In Gurgaon, engineers earn 26% more on average. In Mumbai, New Delhi and Delhi, engineers earn 20% more.

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