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  • Mastering Mechanical Engineering with Engineering Apps presents three unique apps for engineering students which are very essential for the students studying mechanical engineers. These are also basic apps which may be suited for those students studying in different branches of engineering. These unique apps explain every important topic in the subjects with illustrated graphical examples which makes the students understand better. The apps are as follows.

    1. Computer Aided Design: Click here to Download:

    Computer Aided Design commonly known as the CAD is essential for all engineering students regardless of which branch he is associated. This app for Computer Aided Design is specially designed for students so that they may not need to refer other book on CAD. This covers the entire syllabus of the CAD and is suitable for basic learners as well as the advance leaners. With 120 topics on the board and which are divided into 5 units. This app is a unique app for mechanical and related students. The graphical presentation of the illustrated examples makes the students understand better.

    2. Manufacturing Science � 1: Click here to Download:

    Material science and manufacturing science are two such subjects at present scenario of advancement of science which on its peak of importance, most of discoveries and inventions at present are mostly in the field of manufacturing science and material science. This app is a complete guide for students to master in this subject. The app explains the main 145 topics that every student studying Manufacturing Science should know. These topics are divided into seven units and explain every detail with diagram and graphical presentations. Every topic is explained in about 600 words with illustrated examples making the users to understand easily and better.

    3. Advanced Welding Technology: Click here to Download:

    For mechanical engineering students Welding Technology happens to play an important role regarding its workshop and practical works. The app gives the full information in details which are needed to grasp the basic knowledge in the Welding Technology. The apps explain 217 topics in artificial intelligence in 5 different units of more than 600 words with illustrated diagrams, equations and graphical presentation making you grasp knowledge than you can images.

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