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  • Facebook Messenger new Feature Chat ID

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    Facebook has added a new feature to its app Messenger which will act as Message ID and will give you a bid hint about who is messaging you. The feature will be sharing information from publicly shared biographical data of the person like current city and job title. Such information will be visible at the top of the message thread from people you haven�t chatted with before.

    It was reported that the features was started as for trial for the users in U.S., U.K., France, and India for both iOS as well as Android. The features have been added to check the spam message as this will give a clear image of who is messaging you.

    Taking an example, if you meet a person who works at the Facebook and lives in your city, this person is someone you have no meet before and you have no connection with him in facebook. So after some days or weeks if he messages you in the facebook, you might not remember him so the feature will give you a bid reminder of him giving you a brief information may be of the his location and the information of his job.

    The features will also gives you hint about that person who is already in your facebook account and when he messages you for the first time. The company also says that it will also respect the privacy of the users, and hence it will share on those information which the user shared publicly and will not share any of its private info.

    It is believed that the social networking giant has added the new features so as to check the numbers of spam messages delivered to the users. And increase attracting numbers of users to the facebook and to use facebook as a bigger tool for your professional life as well.

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