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  • Apple iPhone 6 the worst Smartphone to buy

    (Image by Kārlis Dambrāns,

    Well, iphones may be considered to be one of the most renowned smartphones in the world and have a large numbers of users. Here we are revealing why iPhone 6 is the worst smartphone to buy. Hello iphones fans you will need to read this before buying your next iphone , iphone 6.

    First of all let�s consider the look of iphone, every iphone have almost the similiar look. The first thing which people consider about their smartphone is the look, he wants his phone to be unique with better style and design and does not want to stick to the old look which he has been using for year.

    This seems to be a general problem for all iphone that the call quality is bad. This may be because the iphone uses tiny speaker for its smartphone . If you are iphone user you will be aware of this problem. If you are to make an important call you will need to make accurate alignment with your phone and ear so that you may not miss parts of your call. It is highly thankful that the 3.0 version of the iPhone's software supports Bluetooth, which allow headset on and make some calls.

    Taking about iphone 6, Apple may have improved the smartphone making it much slimmer with lesser weight. But, most of the people do not consider much about such features in deciding to buy a phone. What people care most is the set of aesthetic like body compact, screen protection, etc which the android smartphones offers in a much better manner that of iPhone. Again considering the dimension of the screen of iPhone 6 regular comes with dimension of 4.7 inch while most of the android Smartphone of similar rank comes with 5 or 5.5 inch and gives better effect which watching videos, movies and even the pictures.

    Most importantly it is the price which matter the most, if you are to buy the iphone 6 it will cost you approximately $679 which is much higher than the top android smartphones of the similar configuration. Why do you need to spend your money in buying a smartphone which is boasting its new features which Android users have enjoyed for years that also at a much higher price? Yes, iphone 6 is boasting specs that Android users have known and loved for years.

    Well the rest is up to you to decide to buy the iphone or not. You can share it as a comment if you agree with us or not. And you can also add point if you think we miss out or want to defend.

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