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  • Blogging and Social Media for SEO

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    Alot of experts will tell you that blogging is the best way to boost your site�sSEO performance. In many ways, they are correct. A blog section will help makeyour site livelier in the eyes of search engine crawlers, especially since youwill be posting updates to the site regularly. Paired with social media,blogging can actually elevate your site�s SEO performance to a whole new level.

    Why do I need a Blog section?

    ABlog section on a static site is like water in the middle of a dry desert; youare adding dynamic elements that will keep visitors coming for more, even whenthey are not particularly looking for your products and services. By providingvisitors with valuable articles, you will be gaining thousands of potentialcustomers that remember you the next time they need your products or services.

    Bloggingdoesn�t have to be difficult or time consuming at all. In fact, when you workwith the best Toronto SEO company, youcan have a team of competent writers creating blog posts for you at anaffordable rate.

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    What should I blog about?

    Oneof the most difficult things to decide when creating a Blog section on a siteis the content that should fill that new section. The answer to this questionis actually very simple:

    • You can start by writing articles about how to benefit morefrom your products and services. This type of articles will appear to those whohave bought � or those who will � your products and services. It will also helppotential customers understand more about the benefits your products andservices are offering.
    • A personally written note from you is also an easy contentto create. You can transform your brand into something more personal in theeyes of customers by relating to them personally. Talk about what the companyor business has been doing behind the screen and many other subjects, but keepthe point of view as personal as possible.
    • General news, updates and tips related to the industry arealso great ways to add quality contents to your site. Since there are so manyto talk about, you will not have to be afraid of running out of things topicsto explore at all.

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    What aboutsocial media?

    Onceyou have these blog posts published, it is time to be more active on socialmedia. Social networking sites offer brands the opportunity to connect withusers and potential users directly. By sharing quality contents on socialmedia, you are attracting more visitors to your site.

    Asthe name suggests, social media is about being social. Don�t hesitate to replyto comments, interact with other users and even arouse questions or responseswhen working on your social media pages. The higher your brand�s engagement is,the more you will benefit from social networking sites.

    Youcan even use social media to provide customersupport. When you do, however, make sure you provide quick and effectiveresponse at all times. Failure to do so will only make your brand look bad tonew and potential customers.

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