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  • Mac OS X El Capitan: 10 exciting features

    Launched on Monday morning at WWDC event, it�s the newest and refreshing new OS for Mac computers and notebooks. It will come free to every Mac latest enough to support it. The public beta will opens up in July and final version will arrive in fall this year, apple confirmed. Among many new features here are 10 most exciting are:-

    1) More Cleaner windows.

    A computer desktop is like a real desktop: When you're busy, it can turn into a scattered mess. A new feature in Mission Control lets you display all your open windows cleanly with a simple swipe or move some of them to a new, clean desktop space.

    2) Pin sites in safari.

    Sure, these are basically just bookmarks, but they�re elegant and uncluttered.

    3) Split screen on the desktop.

    The new Split View mode, which is similar to Windows' Snap feature, lets you pick two apps and work with them, side by side, in glorious fullscreen.

    4) Richer notes.

    You can add images, video, drawings, and maps to your Notes, create interactive checklists, and sync your notes across all your Apple devices.

    5) Mute noisy tabs in safari.

    At long last, one of Chrome's best features is coming to Safari. Mac OS X El Capitan lets you know which one of those 6,793 tabs is making a racket and lets you mute the offender without hopping to another tab. You can also mute all tabs without touching the system volume.

    6) Metal for mac.

    Metal isn�t just for iOS anymore. Game developers will be able to tap into future Macs' GPUs thanks to Metal for Mac. Apple says the graphics-core tech will speed graphics rendering by up to 50 percent when El Capitan is released to the public this fall.

    7) Spotlight speaks plain english.

    The newest version of Spotlight has cleaner results for public transit, stocks, video, weather, and sports.

    8) Swiping gestures in mail.

    OS X now acts a lot more like iOS. The new version of OS X supports swiping gestures. Swipe right to mark your messages, and swipe left to kick those emails to the curb.

    9) Mightier maps.

    the latest iteration of Maps has goodies for everyone who uses public transportation, including directions involving transfers and directions based on your target arrival time. You can also port directions you generated on your Mac over to your iPhone.

    10) Big cursor.

    In Mac OS X El Capitan, the mouse pointer swells up like the Hulk when you wake up your machine, so it's plainly visible.

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