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  • AIPMT paper Leaked!! Who cares? It�s India

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    It's India; there is nothing new when paper gets leaked. It�s been marked in the blood. Recently the news about cancelling CBSE Medical Entrance Test gets viral, and I still wonder why people talk about it so much as if something new has happened. Wake up man!! We lived in a place where defraud and cheating has more respect than honesty. Well, it is said that "Its Survival of the fittest" yes, in our place fittest refers to how much one can cheat and double-cross.

    Talking about the CBSE All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) which is the greatest exam for seeking admission to the undergraduate medical courses in the country, it was reported that the question paper was leaked. After investigating, the Supreme Court of India to conduct a fresh exam within four week. According to the report of the police about 700 students might have benefited from the mischief.

    See the fate of those students who really work hard with true heart and soul. How will this encourage them? Is there no place for them in our society? They are the future generation and are innocent who have no taste of corruption and the society is playing game with their fate It was said that, 6.3 lakh students have registered for the exam and according to the NDTV the CBSE opposes a re-examination, saying, "6.3 lakh students cannot be made to take the exam afresh when only 44 students have been found involved in taking benefits through unfair means".

    If those students uses mischief got admitted to the premium Medical colleges, will they be able to pass the exam and get degree. If they did will you be able to take medical advice from them? Well here is another story, which had happened to one of my friends. He was graduated from a good university and with good marks but has not got an opportunity for a good job. And as such he has been giving every competition applicable to him. He used to talk a lot about Staff Selection Commission (SSC) that his dream job was to get selected in combined graduate Level (CGL) Exam conducted by SSC until this incident happened.

    He was selected in Tier I of SSC CGL 2013 with high mark and was applicable for all the post but need to appear for Tier II before the interview. Unfortunately, after the announcement of the result it was declared that the paper was leaked in certain cities and the students from those cities need to re-appear for the Tier I which included him as he has appeared from the city of Delhi. He gave the Rexam too and cleared the exam again and this time too he was applicable to all the post. But, in the Tier II he could not write the exam, as due to improper management of the faculties of the exam center and SSC, the entire candidate (One particular room) about 100 candidates could not appear the exam. These candidates protest requesting proper solution. But, SSC did not have this official and without giving any prior information to the candidates the exam was re-conducted. And he misses the exam too and lost a year and has to appear again next year but his interest was lost.

    This just one of the stories there are thousands of them. I really wonder what will be the future of this country. Will this be continuing in the same phase or will there be any changes. I really doubt can bring changes. At the end of the it is we the common people that only suffers.

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