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  • The Never Ending Search for Water

    Photograph taken by runner up of SWASH event held by Department of Regional Water Studies, TERI University

    These photographs are very familiar in major metropolitan cities of India. The rising urban population is stressed by water scarcity in the summer months. Demand for water is steadily increasing while its supply is limited. Our rivers, once revered are now extremely polluted especially near urban and industrial areas.

    Ground water, lakes, springs is all dwindling with rising water consumption. In times to come, demand for water is set to increase in the urban residential sectors. While industrial water demand is set to increase with increasing thrust in manufacturing sector, agriculture water demand will also increase with rising needs of food production. All this will lead to India’s water crisis becoming severe by 2050.

    Though fresh water resources are dwindling, polluted water is also increasing, whether in the rivers, lakes, ground water, storm water drains or waste water drains. It is time to consider wastewater as a resource and develop technologies to use it to meet future water demand. Water recycling technologies, desalination technologies, treatment of industrial waste water, rejuvenation of dying lakes and rivers will be our focus of the future if we want a healthy, vibrant Indian society and would like to consider the photographs shown above as a thing of the past. Nothing can quench our thirst other than clean pure fresh water.

    Inputs From:
    Ranjana Ray Chaudhuri, Lecturer, TERI University
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