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  • Speed vs Accuracy

    The biggest misconception among the students� minds during GATE preparation is that they must a have a good speed to crack GATE examination. But let me clear this misconception by telling you that key to cracking GATE is not by attempting all the problems but rather making a correct attempt even if number of problems attempted is less. Due to this many students are not able to perform to their calibre in the exam, so the question becomes how to get around this problem.

    In Earlier GATE exams the balance was tilted more in the favour of speed but now due to inclusion of Numerical Type Questions the balance is tilted back in the favour of accuracy. Let me explain how.

    Mostly, Numerical Type Questions are not straight forward questions, you have to do a lot of computation to get around those, so if your accuracy is good you need not look at that question twice. But even if you attempt them fast but commit a mistake then you will waste a lot of valuable time verifying your answers. This will reduce your number of attempts.

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    The thing that I have noticed while teaching many students is the general tendency to try to solve the problem first in the class to boost their confidence. But most of them ending up committing a mistake and this causes them to lose confidence. So, guys your focus should be first on making a correct attempt rather than showing off among your peers.

    So what should a student do during the preparation to avoid getting into this kind of situation is that during the initial stages of preparation you must focus more on Accuracy and less on speed , even if you attempt 10 to 15 questions in an hour but with good accuracy, that is more than enough. Speed is something that will build up gradually as you will come across similar type of questions so you will get used to club 2-3 steps in a single step to save time.

    So my advice to all GATE aspirants will be not to get over-stressed if you are attempting less number of questions in given time. Just have a target for yourself to solve a fixed number of problems within an hour and then build up that target gradually. You will gain speed eventually but accuracy is not something that you can attain eventually so focus more on accuracy as that will also boost your self-confidence.

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