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  • Study Plan for GATE 2016

    As far as GATE examination is concerned a strategic study is lot more valuable than blindly working hard through Standard Textbooks. So, I and my team have come up with K-Plan to give your GATE preparation a direction.

    K-Plan provides an effective schedule for the students who will be starting their journey towards GATE 2016 from the month of July/August.

    Here, I have assumed that the GATE exam will be conducted in the month of February so this schedule has been designed in such a manner that you can effectively cover the entire syllabus along with revision and practicing mock tests by January end.

    The plan has been described in detail in the video below. Video Link.
    I sincerely hope that after watching this video you are feeling motivated and your confidence is boosted that you can crack GATE if you effectively follow this strategy. So, let us know in comments what you feel after watching this video.

    For all the students from different streams, you can take a look at the general study plan for GATE 2016. Video Link

    Also, make sure that you share this post among your friends who are also feeling demotivated after looking at the GATE syllabus and number of days left to GATE exam.

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