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  • Engineering Students of Sultanpur- India are creating Good life for poor kids

    In Uttar Pradesh, students from Kamla Nehru Engineering college are doing something, which is actually commendable.

    Students from this college are taking time out from their day to day schedule and coming forward to teach under-privileged students for FREE. This initiative was started by a bunch of college students in year 2011.

    There is a small free land near the college where the students from this engineering college teach small children and provide them basic education. They are also taking interactive classes for parents to make them understand on the aspects of proper education. This class is being run daily.

    Initially this was started by Chetan Giri ex student of Kamla Nehru Institute (Government Engineering College)- Sultanpur, U.P- India. He along with his few friends were crossing a small town near Gomti shore, and they were shock to see the living standard of the people. It was pathetic, they were living very miserable life. At that point of time immediately he decided to do something for the children living there.

    And soon they started FREE education for the under-privileged students specially from this community. As expected the starting was not that good, as any new development takes time. But at a later stage it worked well and they have been able to provide good education to the students. They have given this initiative a Name - KOSHISH

    The best part about Koshish is that every senior college student before passing out from the college and moving to his career Life, gives the teaching duty to any other junior student. They have a plan that needs to be followed by the student volunteer:

    It start from 04:30 PM in the evening, where students volunteers need to report and go to any children present at the ground to teach and become his mentor in teaching. Around 06:00 PM they return back.

    Though they are not providing any formal certificate or any sort of documents. But the initiative itself is more valuable than these paper degree.

    Our entire team wish them best of luck and request each one of you reading this article to come forward and support under-priviledge community in whatever form we can do.

    We are proud engineers and we would always be.