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  • � An ideal Website for information on Cars

    Very often people search for information on the internet. They visit dozens of pages in vain for specific information. In most cases, the details provided would be either redundant or difficult to access. However, if you are looking for information on cars in India, there is a website that could satisfy all your needs as well as curiosity. Visit and you will never have to turn to any other site for the information that you are seeking on Indian cars.
    A comprehensive site for Indian cars, has its origin in Ukraine. It was launched by Anton Rublevskyy in Ukraine and upon its success, Anton and his team decided to expand to other global markets. They found India a favourable market for growth, even though it offered highly challenging scenarios. Soon, started its Indian innings in November 2013.

    Autoportal India�s team is made up of highly enthusiastic car buffs and technology experts who work day and night to bring up to date information. For them the venture is not a mundane job, but an enjoyable passion. This love for cars is evident for the visitors of the site, as they find it easy to find any information they need.
    Launched as a vertical online classifieds portal in automobile category, Autoportal is now one of the most known names in the field. It has already created a niche for itself. Both industry experts and car lovers vouch for the usefulness of this site. Furthermore, a casual visitor will also appreciate the simple scheme of things, very often returning to the site for more information. is not only about brand new cars or a few chosen brands. If a car were available in India, the details of it would be found in Autoportal. Reviews, previews, videos, photos, specifications, prices � you name it, the site has it. If you wish to know the engine details, suspension, mileage, fuel tank capacity, wheel size or any other small or big details, you will find it all on What makes it unique is the fact that all information shared on the site would be as latest as possible.
    Another attractive feature of the site is its simple layout and uncluttered presentation. Everything has a place and everything will be in its place. Navigation is quite easy that a person with minimal knowledge of computers too can easily use the site. It also helps that the details are all well defined and classified according to sections.
    A one-stop shop for all car related news, is a must visit site for a car buff. The information offered is clear, up to date and useful. It saves your time, energy and money by offering relevant information only. Source : -