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  • The highest paid jobs in Chennai

    With higher education and more years of experience, comes the opportunity to apply for higher paying jobs. In case that you are thinking that the market is down and the usual jobs are not paying as much as they used to, well there, my friend, you are mistaken. There are jobs that are still paying as high as they used to or even more, with only a couple of catches. One, you need to be highly qualified for the post you are applying forand two; practical experience in the field is always welcomed with wide arms. Chennai has come to be a den for such highly paid jobs. In case that you too are looking for such an opportunity in Chennai, try to search on Job Tonic. You will come across a number of job titles that will present you with your desired salary group.

    What are the highest paying jobs in Chennai?

    As mentioned above, there are a whole lot jobs providing high salaries, to whoever deserves them. Here is a sneak peak at the highest paid jobs in Chennai that you might want to apply for.

    Number 1: Mechanical Engineer

    There is a reason that your father pushed you to do well in your boards and sit for engineering entrance. Engineering is without doubt, one of the highly paying professions. Mechanical Engineering is in its own league all together. To be eligible for this post, you will need a four years completed degree in engineering with specialisation in Mechanicals. You also need to secure the GPA that the company desires to get through the job interviews. With few years of experience on your hand, you become a highly employable option for the employers. Mechanical Engineers earn, anywhere between Rs. 2.4L to 7.2 L in the settling years of their career. The sky is the limit from there.

    Number 2: Security Engineer

    Security is the top most priority of both, businesses and the citizens of the country, today. No amount of wealth is safe, unless and until you secure it well. Here is where the role of the security engineers becomes imperative. Businesses are hiring highly competent security engineers to meet with their and their client’s need for safety. Safety engineers are expected to design full proof security solutions for their employers. The salary expectations start from Rs. 3.6L per annum and gradually rise upwards.

    Number 3: Automobile Engineer

    To be true, almost all the fields of engineering are rewarding if you are able to complete them efficiently and with a good score sheet in hand. To add to it your internships and full time working experienced add to your employable status. With various car producing companies, ardently trying to lure the masses with their automobiles, they are on the constant look out for talented automobile engineers, who can present them with stunning car designs, impeccable car performance and mass appeal. Hence, if you meet the eligibility criteria, Chennai has a job for you and a salary ranging Rs. 3.6 L upwards.
    Other positions, like professional course teachers, System programmers, Financial Managers, etc are also highly paying jobs in Chennai.