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  • Hot Engineering Jobs in Chennai in 2015

    Salaries for these professionals in India range from RS 20,00 - RS 35,000, depending on the amount of experience There's a growing trend in Chennai’s job market: engineering is on the rise. This booming field allows professionals to work in a variety of different sectors, and many of the sectors are considered “hot” in the job market.

    The top 3 engineering jobs on the rise in Chennai in 2015 going into 2016 are:

    Civil Engineering

    Civil engineering jobs are in high demand. The ever-growing city needs bright engineers to help them:

    • Plan
    • Oversee
    • Design

    These professionals will help plan and design new buildings, facilities, railroads, airports, bridges and numerous other projects. Civil engineers will also be required to oversee projects to ensure that construction is done to code, and that all of the projects are completed with the utmost in safety and construction technology.

    According to Pay Scale, salaries in the industry are as follows:

    • The median salary is RS 352,763.
    • The bottom 10% of earners earns RS 170,000.
    • The top 10% of earners earn RS 830,000.

    Profit-sharing, bonuses and other benefits are also provided in the field.


    The robotics industry is a rapidly growing sector. Within the sector, you may be tasked with:

    • Designing new robots
    • Maintaining robots
    • Enhancing robot capability

    Robots are typically used to perform tasks that are deemed too dangerous or too tedious for humans to undertake. You may develop robots that help disarm bombs, or you may help design machinery that automates tasks in the workforce.
    As technology continues to advance, robotics will become a major sector, as we're already seeing in 2015.

    The salary of these professionals is as follows:

    • Professionals with 1 to 4 years of experience earn a median salary of RS 340,000.
    • Professionals that have been in the field for 5 to 9 years earn an average of RS 545,000.

    Anyone that stays in the field for 20 years or more will find that they are very high in demand, with salaries exceeding RS 1 million in some cases.
    We expect the robotics industry to continue to rise well into the next decade.


    Nanotechnology is much like engineering, but the goal is to make smaller and more efficient materials. For the most part, you’ll be working with computer and electronic-related materials, such as chips, conductors, transistors and capacitors in attempts to make materials that are smaller than 100 nm.

    This is a very complex field that is rising due to the mobile technology boom.
    Products need to be smaller, faster and more efficient, and this is a job that nanotechnologists are perfect for.

    the professional has. This is a thriving field with a lot of jobs in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

    All of these engineering jobs are extremely popular in 2015, and are expected to grow by over 10% in 2016. Many professionals in the field will have a computer science background. A civil engineer will need to undertake architecture classes, and will not have a study that is focused on computers. But, a civil engineer will need to know how to use CAD-based software to design infrastructure.