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  • Will Parting now be a Sweet Sorrow with Facebook�s new relationship status tool?

    Improving the Experience and Eliminating Your Break-up Woes!

    One of the down sides of modern online romances is that when someone breaks up with somebody, he/she finds it really difficult to filter him/her out on the popular social media platform Facebook. The only option you are left with is either you unfriend them completely, or be a mute spectator as they move on rather quickly to your tastes and get engaged with somebody else. Well, if you are one of such cases than Mark Zuckerberg�s Facebook�s planned relationship status tool update is at your rescue!

    Facebook has taken mercy on you if you've broken up with someone. So, Facebook is actually going to help you move on during your relationship woes. Facebook has updated its relationship tools, some of which are really a big deal than you might realize at first glance.

    In an official Facebook blog post announcing new relationship tools, Kelly Winters, product manager at Facebook claims that, �This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives. We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control,...�.

    The updated relationship tools can be broken down into three major categories. The 1st is pretty simple in its application; it lets you filter out your ex out of your timeline! This filtering out can vary in its degrees of severeness, ranging from only seeing your ex�s updates and stuff when you actually visit their profile to filtering them out of your News feed completely.

    The 2nd updated has been in demand since long; the convenience to limit the stuff your ex can see. Sounds like a pretty major plus, isn't it;) So you already started imagining the fun? Hold on a second, Facebook is not done yet!

    The 3rd and the final one is essentially a convenience to edit your past! You have wished so many times that you could change your past, haven�t you? We you can do it at least online on Facebook. With this update you can go through your individual posts on Facebook and decide who sees those. You can also do it in bulk with bulk edit settings.

    These planned updates are currently being tested out in the United States on mobile. But hopefully you will be able to amend your past soon when Facebook rolls out these updates globally.