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  • Switching between Instagram Accounts, Just like Gmail? Yea...

    Instagram is testing a new feature on its mobile application that is expected to make it a breeze for users of this popular social media platform to switch back and forth between their various Instagram accounts, like that with their Gmail accounts!

    If you are interested in and following popular technical news on, than chances are that you must have heard about switching between multiple Gmail accounts! Many of you must have used this popular feature provided by Google. Well, it's now becoming very common these days for users to have multiple accounts on this rapidly growing social media platform, i.e., Instagram. For example, one might have an Instagram account for business purpose and another for personal use. In this scenario, with Instagram as a popular social networking site for sharing images, switching back and forth between different Instragram accounts for various personal and professional purposes can get rather tedious.

    That said, has some really good news to break for the users of this popular social media platform who find themselves in the aforementioned position - A new Instagram feature that makes it very easy to switch between various Instragram accounts on its mobile application, just like you do with various Gmail accounts. found this very interesting piece of news of the beta test Android Police blog.

    However, Instragram has not yet commented on this news and its not clear that by when Instagram will roll it out to people in general or whether they plan to do it at all. In the meantime, Instagram users curious and interested in testing this new feature can follow the link to install the updated version of Instagram on their supported Android device!