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  • Computers and Mathematics Society SRCC Presents Enigma 2016

    Shri Ram College of Commerce is a brand institution for all undergraduates in the country and has been successful in raising the bars of excellence.

    The Computers and mathematics society is one of the finest registered societies of the college enlightening all with the knowledge of mathematics and computers.

    The Computers and Mathematics Society, SRCC is proud to announce its annual fest ENIGMA �16 which will be held on 8th, 9th and 10th February 2016. Enigma is the most inquisitive and fun event which cordially invites people from all schools across the country, who gather to exhibit and grandstand their knowledge of mathematics and technology. Its like a mystery poem where everyone tells tale. Its mystery will attract you closer and ENIGMA is sure to create history. Enthralling with fun filled events, the following events will take place:

    Date: 8.2.2016 Time: 1:30 pm
    If you love watching sitcoms, you will definitely find this event interesting. A fun event wherein one has to solve clues based on English comedy shows. Don your thinking caps and be ready to witness the best treasure hunt and the most unique treasure hunt of SRCC.

    Date: 9.2.2016 Time: 12:00 noon
    The event requires the participants to track their way down the mathematical riddles and testify their technical, analytical and reasoning skills. Apart from having a logical bent of mind, the participants are also expected to be upbeat about the technological advancements and developments.

    Date: 10.2.2016 Time: 1:30 pm
    The one stop destination for each one out there to ditch the stress and dance to the glory of the heart.

    Date: 8.2.2016 Time: 10:00 am
    The exotic tech loaded event seeks to bring out the creative best in the participants. The participants will be judged on their ability to innovate the given set of technologies to evenly shape up the stated product, given time and budget constraints.

    Date: 9.2.2016 Time: 11:00 am
    For all those who think that their typing is fast, this event is for you. It is a two round event which is sure to exhaust your mind and your fingers. Be ready to bash the keys and set the keyboard on fire. Caution! Keep your eyes open!

    Date: 10.2.2016 Time: 11:00 am
    A team event of 2 which tests your analytical and creative skills. Draw and make your partner realise the correct object. The name says it all but there�s a catch. You can only use geometrical shapes. Don�t let geometry baffle you!

    Date: 10.2.2016 Time: 10:00 am
    Love a good challenge? Yes you are in the right place. Participate in teams of 2 and solve mathematical challenges to win. In this 3 round core mathematical event, solve questions ranging from easy to hard to progress to the second round. In the second round challenge your own teammate to solve the given problem in a limited time to proceed to the third round. And in the final round throw challenges to other teams. But be careful. Only give a challenge which you yourself can solve or you lose.

    8. KILL DEAL
    Date: 8.2.2016 Time: 12:00 noon
    Actions beyond Auction! This event is an interesting amalgamation of bidding and estimation. It is a 3 round event. Estimate the prices of various products in the first round. The teams with the lowest difference between estimated and actual price go through. In the second round, each team will be given a cash balance of 30000 and each product will be assigned a base prize and a riddle. Guess the products and bid on them. The team which has products with the highest actual value proceeds to the final round.

    In the final round each team will be given a balance of 20000 and using this they have to form strategic combinations of various products and increase their net worth.
    This event is sure to test your wits!

    Date: 9.2.2016 Time: 1:30 pm
    Just like the usual tambola, with a little twist. The participants are given a set of questions and riddles to solve while they play their usual tambola.

    Date: 10.2.2016 Time: 12:00 noon
    The event involves mock gambling of futuristic gadgets. The qualified teams will be determined on the basis of net worth towards the end of the rounds.