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  • Pragyan is an annual ISO 9001 & 20121 certified tech fest

    The National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, is one of elite institutions of India, consistently ranking amongst the top in the country for engineering and architecture. A brainchild of this university�s brightest minds, Pragyan is an annual ISO 9001 & 20121 certified tech fest taking place in the month of February over the course of three and a half days from 25th to 28th February, 2016.

    Any and every fest can be described by its events. Even more so an internationally certified techno-managerial extravaganza. The plethora of events organised by Pragyan promises to be more exciting, as well as more challenging this year as we delve into the infinitely complex.

    With 47 events on Pragyan�s roll, stay reassured that you will find one to suit your tastes. The clusters of events touch on every point of the spectrum of Science, Technology and Management.

    These 8 clusters include Code It, Manigma, Chillpill, Amalgam, Core Engineering, Landscape, Out of the Box and Robo Vigyan.

    Code It invites the elite programmers to solve their way through the tests, each event with a different gimmick. Manigma challenges budding leaders and challengers on everything from placing priority perfectly to claiming consensus amidst commotion. Participants can try their hand at puzzles and challenges for a release with Chill Pill, or attempt to excel in multidisciplinary events that constitute Amalgam. Enthusiasts can dip into hardcore technical events at Core Engg. or alternatively inspire their instruments to ideate into a Landscape. One may instead find themselves in a war of wacky sciences if they choose to take part in Out of the Box events, or one of robots, foundation and creation if they take a step towards Robo Vigyan.

    And what better way to celebrate technology than to create opportunities to spread the knowledge? With various innovative workshops conducted by professionals, learning is sure to be a scintillating experience now that registrations for workshops have opened.

    Enter the realm of cloud computing with IBMs cloud computing workshop, or try the one with Amazon Web Services. Knowledge about the working of stocks and the stock market is always an added advantage, one that can be earned from the SEBI Stock Market and Financial Planning workshop. National Instruments will conduct a one-day hands on workshop for Image Processing, while Texas Instruments will hold an exclusive workshop with limited seats that will teach one to build their very own ARM Cortex based MCU applications. Truth Labs, India�s first and only full-fledged independent Forensics Science Lab, will conduct a Crime Scene Reconstruction

    . Pragyan also presents a workshop on Foundation Analysis and Design, the objective of which is to teach students the appropriate approach towards soil foundation analysis used in construction projects. The Astrophotography workshop will include a session of learning followed by one of observation using an automatic mount and telescope. A workshop designed to give firsthand experience on the working principles of engine design, the IC Engine Workshop, will take place in batches, so participants will have to register early to get their convenient dates. If a participant is so inclined towards automobile engineering, the Automobile Prototyping workshop will help develop a deeper understanding by making this automobile prototype which can be controlled with a Radio Control. Chemsys is a company specialising in Process Simulation and will provide a workshop on the same. Pragyan will also conduct an introduction to the Haptic Robotic Arm, by constructing a haptic glove. Cybereyelabs will present those interested to the world of Cyber Warfare and Security and opportunities in cyberspace. Mozilla India rounds off the Pragyan workshops with one to teach Go, an open-source programming language that aims to simplify systems programming and to make programming fun again.

    So this Pragyan, grab your chance to be a part of the technology revolution.

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    contact: Santhosh (Head, Events, Pragyan) : +91 8015310653

    Surya (Head, Workshops, Pragyan) : +91 9487230644

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