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  • ENDEAVOUR 2016 Inter-College Entrepreneurial Extravaganza by KIET e-Cell

    The Inter-College Entrepreneurial Extravaganza Endeavour 2016 on 26th-27th February, 2016, with a technological twist, at Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad, presented to you by KIET e-*Cell, under the patronage of TBI & CSE Dept.
    The events are under three modules: Corporate, Technical & Fun


    Dates: 26th-*27th February, 2016

    Venue: Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Delhi-Meerut Road, Ghaziabad

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    Corporate Module: DREAM AND DARE!

    A platform where you get the opportunity to promulgate your ideas and business models and make your skills known to the world. Events under the Corporate Module are designed for you to test yourself on a wide range of skills ranging from Finance, Management, Marketing right up to Entrepreneurship. A crucial mix of theoretical knowledge and practical hands can lead you to victory.

    The events from Corporate Module are listed below:
    1. B-Noesis
    ~~~~~~~~~~~B-NOESIS: Quest for the Sharpest~~~~~~~~~~~
    If you have passion and knowledge of business world, then get ready to compete in the brain storming session of Business Quiz. Battle it out with the sharpest minds in the form of mind boggling questions and answers.

    2. Innopreneur

    ~~~~~~~~~~INNOPRENEUR: Empowering Innovation~~~~~~~~~~~

    Most Entrepreneurial Ideas will sound crazy and stupid, and then they'll turn out to be right. Your task is to research, build and come up with your idea in form of an abstract and Take Risks! Feasibility, of course is no ground to validate your vision. All that matters is the uniqueness of your idea.

    3. Ideastorm

    ~~~~~~~~~~IDEASTORM: Ideas Worth Showing~~~~~~~~~~
    The flagship event of Endeavour, IDEASTORM, lets you promulgate your ground breaking ideas. Showcase your business skills and let the world see your entrepreneurial side. Gear up buddies. Prepare an abstract and take the first step to be a winner.
    Last date forabstract submission is 23 Feb 2016, 6 pm

    4. Spur of the Moment

    ~~SPUR OF THE MOMENT: Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun~~~
    �Logic will take you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere�
    Here's a chance for you to sow your imagination with your writing, listening skills and put some pressure on your "Grey Matter".
    All you have to do is listen to the guest lecturers and spill it out on the paper.

    5. Case Connect

    ~~~~~~CASE CONNECT: Small Details Create the Big Picture~~~~~
    Challenge yourself to prove your business and entrepreneurial skills. So, CASE CONNECT is the perfect event for you which is designed to show the world your amazing and unique ideas to overcome every business related problem.
    Last date for abstract submission is 23 Feb 2016, 6 pm

    6. 10- Minutes

    ~~~~~~~~~~~TEN MINUTES: Connect the Dots~~~~~~~~~~~
    Do you think you can find out a link and connect the most random situations? If the answer is yes! Then TEN MINUTES is the right event for you to participate.
    So, come forward and connect the dots.

    7. Strategist
    ~~~~~~~~~~~STRATEGIST: Be The Strategist~~~~~~~~~~~
    "Strategy is about shaping the future."
    ~ Max McKeown
    EndeavourKIET brings you the event which tests your strategy building skills. So, pluck up your courage and prove your mettle as the �strategist�!
    Last date forabstract submission is 23 Feb,2016, 6 pm

    8. Maestro

    ~~~~~~~~~~~MAESTRO: Discover Your M-Factor~~~~~~~~~~~
    �Try Not To Become A Man Of Success But A Man Of Value.�
    So, discover your M-Factor and Test yourself on a wide range of skills starting from Finance, Management right up to Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Endeavour brings you the Flagship event of the Corporate World, MAESTRO, which gives you a chance to find out the managerial skills in you. So, grab a chance to be the BEST MANAGER!

    Last date for abstractsubmission is 23 Feb 2016, 6 pm

    Technical Module: CREATE AND CONQUER!

    A platform which provides the participants a chance to showcase their TECHNIQUE and emerge as the biggest techno wit. The Technical Module consists of varied range of events to show off your technical (and gaming) expertise! Unleash your technical prowess and experience the thrill of ripping other technocrats!

    The events under the Technical Module are listed below:
    1. Monster Arena
    ~~~~~~~~~~~MONSTER ARENA: Change is Inevitable~~~~~~~~~~~
    In a realm, where everything from the competitors to the arena itself is against you; do you have the courage to survive? #EndeavourKIET presents �Monster Arena�, for the Robo-rabids!

    2. Code War

    ~~~~~~~~CODE WAR: Talk Is Cheap, Show Me The Code~~~~~~~~
    �Everyone Should Know How To Program A Computer, Because It Teaches You How To Think�
    -- Steve Jobs
    So, Bring out the coder within you, join the battle, make the strategy, code it down, aim for a win and defeat your enemies. One with fastest reaction time, best strategy and coding skills will win the thrilling Code War.

    3. Let us see!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~LET US SEE: Only For Bookworms~~~~~~~~~~~
    �Books Are Hard-Bound Drug with No Danger of An Overdose�

    The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book. So, sail in unchartered water using the raft of your book.

    3. Project Expo

    ~~~~~~~~PROJECT EXPO: From Imagination to Reality~~~~~~~~

    The best way to predict the future is to create it! This event is for those who dare to create and venture beyond by giving life to their ideas.
    Last date for abstract submission is 23 Feb 2016, 6 pm

    5. Constructo

    ~~~~~~~~~~~CONSTRUCTO: Bridge The Gap~~~~~~~~~~~
    �The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction�
    Architecture is visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves. Constructo, is a competition for the civil maniacs, to let their creations (read: bridges) speak for themselves.

    6. RoboSpate

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ROBO SPATE: Change Is Inevitable~~~~~~~~~~~
    Are you a robotics fan? Show your zeal for robots and participate in this exclusive event.

    ROBO SPATE, gives you a chance to experience the thrill of destroying your robo-rivals as they battle out their way to victory i.e., reaching the finishing line.

    Fun Module:

    "Winning is only half of it, having fun is the other half"
    Overflow with gaming, entertainment and much more. It is a platform for both luck and wits, so get your brains rolling and push your luck to bluff your opposition.

    This "FUN" module is a platform which consists of various events that provides the participants to show their leadership, competitive and other gaming skills using various strategies as their rafts in the sea.

    The events under the Fun Module are listed below:
    1. Captured
    Capture the best moments of Endeavour'16 and win amazing prizes.

    2. Reminiscence
    Record a movie in campus covering Endeavour'16 and the best movie will get exciting prizes.

    3. Back With A Bang (Treasure Hunt)

    Lan Gaming: Aim | Shoot | Score

    �Hushed voices, silent footsteps, reload of a gun, reviving of engines, a gush of nitrous.�

    To all you gaming geeks out there! The time has come to enter the battlefield and show your mettle in this virtual war, showing your skill, accuracy, speed and gaming acumen.

    Get ready with your armor, guns and ammunition to know who the best amidst the fanatics is.

    The events under this module are listed below:
    1. Counter Strike (ver 1.6)
    2. FIFA (ver 20110)
    3. Need For Speed (Most Wanted)

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