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  • The Rising Importance of Health Education in School Syllabus

    One of the best ways to influence students to become more aware of self health and the health of others is by extending them with proper and detailed health education. Proper impartment of health education exposes students to various information on health, improve their skills and also create an positive attitude towards health related matter. The different aspects covered by health education include- physical health, mental health, emotional health, and finally social health. Students, especially teenagers undergo a number of situations that can take a toll of any of the above aspects of their health. Being aware of them helps them combat the situations well and maintain their health best, neglect any kind of risky behaviours and prevent diseases. This makes it imperative to include health education in the school curriculum or syllabus.

    Why should schools care about health education?

    Proper health education guides students in ways more than one. Some of these ways include-

    Maintaining Proper Health-

    When a student is well aware of the different benefits that he or she can be on the receiving end of when they work towards maintaining their physical and mental health, they strive towards it. A better physical and mental health ensures better concentration, better grades and better social connections, all of which are sure to help in creating a solid future.

    Making Knowledgeable Choices-

    Being properly educated in matters of physical, mental, social and emotional health allows students to make knowledgeable choices and not succumb to peer pressure or other negative influences. This way, they stay away from- the usage of drugs, tobacco and alcohol; prevents any kind of self inflicting of pain; helps in maintaining emotional and mental health; increases intake of nutrition and also physical activity, also guides through sexual exploration and teaches the basics of maintaining a satisfied family life.

    Providing a promising career route-

    Health education courses in school can also lead students into taking serious interest in the field and take it up as a career post high school. There are a number of universities in the country that provide recognisable health education courses. These courses can be availed both offline and online.

    Becoming a health educator:

    One of the best ways to become a health educator is by opting for a full time, online/ offline health education certification course. The successful completion of the training allows one to be recognised as a certified health educator. You can always opt for higher level of education in the field, which include degree programs and finally PHD. The higher health education training programs expose one to a number of job opportunities. Some of these job opportunities include becoming a

    School Health Instructor
    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Cellulite treatment</a> specialist
    Public Health Educator
    Academic Policy Advisor
    Nurse/ Nurse Educator and a lot more.

    Open your school doors to health education to help your students not only a new career but also a new way of life. Help the better their performance in school and in their individual lives.