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  • 7 tools and services to get help with your math homework

    The term Mathematic is derived from the Latin "manthanein" or "mathema" which means learning or what you've learned. Math in Dutch called wiskunde or science, all of which are associated with reasoning. The term "mathesis" in Greek, means teaching, knowledge, or science. Mathematic is the key to opportunities. For students, mathematic used to open the door of a brilliant career. For citizens, the math will support appropriate decision. For a country, the math will prepare citizens to compete and compete in the fields of economy and technology. Unfortunately, math homework is often shunned by most students. Therefore, application developers since a few years ago have spawned a number of math homework applications that can help any student who has difficulty in solving math problems. Some students need what called <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">online help with math homework</a>.

    You do not need to doubt that these academic assistances can help you to solve your homework! Some applications below are too sophisticated for everyday�s homework. There are a variety of applications that provide on-demand assistance to do math homework, equipped with camera-based features. This means that each user can solve some mathematical equations just by turning on the camera. In this article I will explain about the seven tools that can help you to do math homework.

    This application is often referred to as a magical home job application that provides features for users to take a picture of a math problem and get an answer in just a few seconds. This application got a lot of complaints from teachers because of its sophistication. This application is so sophisticated that it is capable of displaying answers step by step just by detecting image of a math problem. According Tijana Zganec, creator of PhotoMath, this application is designed to give students a lot of insight to solve math problems, including discrete maths.

    HwPic is a math tutoring service that provides facilities for students to submit picture of their homework that will be answered in just a few minutes away by online math instructor. The application also provides some special facilities for each student who is in a hurry. This app was rejected by Apple's App Store as it supported the fraudulent behavior. Tiklat Issa refused that reason, he believes that the way someone uses an application does not necessarily represent the destination of the application. However HwPic seeks to prevent fraud by prohibiting any homework that contains the words "Quiz" or "test", in order to prevent users to send picture when they're doing the test. According to Issa, even though he has been trying to minimize fraud using HwPic, nonetheless the fraud can still occur.

    Wolfram Alpha

    This application is almost similar to the PhotoMath, except that Wolfram Alpha is targeting users with a higher education level. This service is highly recommended for anyone who has difficulty in working on various issues related to differential equations and calculus. This great application is very popular among the students. This application is able to offer math solution step by step easy to understand even by a layman math though. According to Conrad Wolfram, Wolfram�s Research Director, fraud occurs because of the human brain, not by mathematical concept, in other words every fraud is caused by desire and not any application.

    Homework Helper
    It is the Chinese homework application. This application was launched by the largest Chinese search engine, Baidu. This application allows users to post image into an online forum where there are various people who were able to answer the question. This application works with the principles of social media. This application has a record, 5 million downloads! However, just like any other application, this application got the claims of many parents in China.

    Slader is a crowdsourcing-based application that is designed for high school students and university students. This application is designed to help with the housework themed science and mathematics. The users are given the facility to submit question that will be answered by the application clearly. Slander sparked protests from parents in the US, but they argued that the use of homework help applications is just one of the efforts by the students.

    Meta Calculator
    This application is a kind of a scientific calculator application that comes with many attractive interface features. This application offers a chart that is able to apply for up to seven equations and find a point of similarity among the equations. The application also offers memory storage adapted to the vector matrix to perform calculations on several aspects; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even reversal of statistical matrix! Each user can also send sample of calculation and Meta Calculator will give a related statistical graph. Meta Calculator is intended for anyone who wishes to solve graph-based mathematical equation.
    Mathway is an application designed specifically to solve mathematical problems. This application is designed to help high school students in addressing various issues related to statistics and calculus. This app is a paid app that bases fees on the type of access to mathematical formula. This app has an interface that is very attractive and user-friendly. It has become one of the favorite <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">tool</a> for most high school students.

    Indeed, seven applications above can help anyone who is having difficulty in solving math problems. Seven applications above can be used to commit fraud, but we must realize that the source of fraud is the desire, not the application. Application is a double-edged knife that can be used for specific purposes, either good or bad.

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