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  • How anonymous confessions help you grow individually

    Let us start with a straightforwardstatement that, �anonymous confessions help you grow individually�. Yes, it istrue and very strongly propagated by Mahatma Gandhi as well. He said;

    �Confession of errors is like a broomwhich sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feelstronger for confession.�

    Do you have secretguilt or shame for something you have done? It is not necessary that you didsomething you are not very proud of intentionally. You may have done somethingunintentionally but the effect is strong enough to garner guilt and shame.Furthermore, guilt and shame can originate out of moral considerations also.Your actions may not affect anyone directly but moral guilt can still kill you.Take for example guilt, sprouting out of some naughty pleasure you wereinvolved into. Although it did not affect anyone directly and if nobody�sbusiness, you wouldn�t ever dare-even in your wildest dreams-to reveal. Youfind it difficult to confide such secrets to the dearest of your friends. Thesesecrets are usually very difficult to bare and affect you mentally andpsychologically.

    Well, believe it or not, confessions canactually be very healthy for your mental and emotional health. Confessions arehelpful even if those are anonymous confessions. Confessions help you knowyourself and grow as an individual.

    Accepting your true self to grow individually

    As the old saying goes, "to err is human; to forgive, divine"! We are human beings and it�s natural for us to make mistakes. However, some mistakes become secret guilt and lay heavy on our hearts. This is potentially very harmful for our mental and emotional health. As such, you should be careful enough and should take the time to confess occasionally to relieve yourself. This will provide you instant relief as well as providing you with opportunities to learn from those past actions which you somehow feel guilty of.

    Understanding Your Real Self to Improve Yourself

    Mike Dooley, who is a New York Times Bestselling author, presenter, and entrepreneur in the philosophical New Thought movement, explains the importance of accepting, analyzing, and ultimately, understanding your real self by understanding your psyche and emotions. According to Dooley it helps us improve our personality and reach greater heights of happiness in our lives.

    Confessions have <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Therapeutic Potential</a> and help you comprehend your past actions and mistakes and improve on those areas. Your confessions help you get to the probable reasons for your behavior you are not very proud of, and this in turn, enable you to understand yourself. And, you can make an effort to improve yourself only when you know yourself.

    FaaDooConfessions is the perfect platform to give vent to the shame and guilt buried deep inside your heart, and finally making it lighter for you to bear. On FaaDooConfessions, you can remain completely anonymous while confessing your feelings and letting it all out. Furthermore, reading others� confessions help you live multiple experiences ;)

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