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  • IIT Kharagpur From Air Dream-Life-Love-KGP

    Student's Alumni Cell, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur released a video � IIT Kharagpur From Air‟ which took the 2200 acre campus by storm. The video was shot by a drone had aerial shots of the breath taking campus. It was shot as a gift to the graduating batch who are spending their last fortnight in the campus.

    Students‟ Alumni Cell, IIT Kharagpur is an organisation under the Dean of Alumni Affairs and International Relations which work for the betterment of the students by helping them to connect with the Alumni.

    IIT Kharagpur from air was a project which was the dream of various students of IIT Kharagpur. To see it take shape, after every effort that has been put in, it gives us great pride and satisfaction to see the majesty and beauty of our campus. Various important locations of the campus were covered to showcase the charm of the Institute.

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