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  • AIEEE 2011: Last Minute Tips to get a FaaDoO Rank!

    AIEEE 2011: Last Minute Tips to get a FaaDoO Rank!With the AIEEE round the corner and nervousness creeping in, it is time for some last minute tips to help you do your best this Sunday and get a sureshot FaaDoO Rank!!

    1. First and foremost, don’t feel intimidated by the sheer number of people taking the exam. You are not competing with 11 lakh people but only with yourself. Try and beat your best score in practice tests!

    2. It is important to remember that every question is equally important, whether to attempt or leave. Each negative mark can push you back by thousands of ranks!

    3. And rest assured, three hours are enough to read and decide which questions to attempt.

    4. Differential marking ensures that few questions will have higher weight-age in terms of marks. If you are clear of your concepts and confident of applying them try to go for these questions. No doubt they will be slightly tougher, but in the end they will also fetch more marks. The critical decision to be made is – “ Can I attempt three 1 mark questions correctly in X time or can I attempt one 3 mark question in X or X-Z time."

    5. Before starting to work on a solution with pencil & paper, make a mental note of what formulas and processes need to be applied. Only if you are moderately sure in your head that you can solve the question must you go for it on paper!

    6. Try to solve all the easy questions first. This will give you a definite headstart and a confidence to go ahead.

    7. On a macro level time management, leave 15 mins in the end for difficult/lengthy questions which you feel you can solve. The simple logic is – You have spent some time pondering over the solution and had simply left it for the end for the want of saving time.

    8. Budget 50 mins for each subject at the start. This will leave ample amount of “extra time” at the end and boost your score.

    9. Take one section at a time. Juggling between subjects is not a good idea.

    10. Decide in advance which section you will attempt first. This decision must be taken solely on the basis of your comfort level, strengths and weaknesses.

    11. Don’t be hassled if you find the paper too easy or difficult. Keep your cool and solve the paper giving your best effort. Trying to make a judgement on the probable “good scores” may not be a good idea. The initial gut feeling must be respected.

    12. For this very reason, it is important that you scan the paper for the first 10 mins. Stick to the judgement of these 10 mins for the rest of the paper.

    All The Best FaaDoOs. We welcome you all to the FaaDoO Engineers gang!!!