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  • Non-Technical Skills an Android Developer Needs to Have

    As testified by various reports, we have multiple reasons to believe that this is the best time to be an Android developer. The technology is actually very exciting, evolving and most importantly dominating. We can find new devices popping up all over the world and the demand for android developers is very high in the market. With hundreds of millions of android users all around the world, the possibilities for fulfilling employment opportunities seem huge. According to IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) as many as 20 million app developers are required by the year 2020.

    In the present scenario which is characterized by supremacy of android in connected device operating system ecosystem, starting your career as an Android developer can prove to be the best and rewarding decision you ever took. However, this also has some inherent bottlenecks, especially when you are just starting your career and do not have good certification with you.

    We at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">ADTC Global Education</a> have been helping students and professionals acquire the skills they need to build careers in the field of android development. With experience we know what the employers are looking for in a candidate they are considering to hire as an android developer. In our earlier post we enumerated <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">things employers are looking for in an android Developer</a>. The post primarily concentrated on technical and other usual things which are considered while hiring an android developer. Lets now talk about a couple of non-technical skills required of an android developer.

    It is relatively easy to define technical skills required for a technical position. However, there are also some non-technical skills which are important! We witness many cases wherein candidates who know enough about Android programming but do not possess non-technical skills like communication and collaboration with a team and as a result fail.

    The list below is adapted from various real job postings for android developers.

    1. Passion

    Did we hear you abhor finding and answering this in job postings? Well, most of us do! But it appears pretty often and employers look for “passionate, motivated” employees. But what does this mean? On top of everything, how should one convey this in a job interview?

    Passion is such a loaded as well as generic word. What actually one means when he/she asks for a passionate candidate? Don’t worry if you don’t have an organized answer when asked about your “passion”. Most people I know don’t have a very satisfactory answer for this. Passions change from time to time, and we can have different approaches towards our passion.

    So, what to do? Simply believe in your abilities and have confidence to complete the task at hand with zeal. Now convey this in simple words to your prospective employer.

    2. Communication and collaboration

    Communicating well and collaborating with a team is an extremely important trait sought for a developer’s position. Even if you are the only developer working on a project, you will be required to collaborate with other people in an organization. At times they will be designers, sometimes management and probably the end users. Make sure that you always share your work with others and invite feedback and discussion.

    Communication and collaboration are related, and thus you will need strong communication skills to collaborate successfully in an organization. Make sure you have the skills to explain what you are working on to both technical as well as non-technical people. Make sure you are not lagging behind in practicing written and verbal communication.

    While we don’t currently offer any courses at ADTC Global Education that can help you master these non-technical skills, there really are two key things you can do on your own. Practice and participate. That’s it! Get involved in the project at all levels and you will exercise those parts of your brain that deal with the non-technical components.

    The listed non-technical requirements for an android developer may seem like a task difficult to conquer, you can build up this pool of required skills faster than you might think. The success mantra would be, get involved and communicate.

    If you are already a student at ADTC Global Education taking the Android application development training, then you know by experience that how quickly you can learn the technical skills to have time for working on the above mentioned non-technical skills. If you are not already a student, check out our <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Android application development program</a> as it is structured to teach you everything you need to know to become an Android developer.

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