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  • 7 Things You should Know about AIPMT

    As AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) is back to the business with some changes, you may not be aware of the complete details about the same.

    So, here in this article, you are going to read about seven things you must know about AIPMT as a person who wants to be a doctor.

    Are you ready to look into the core of this post? Here you go.

    Things You should Know about AIPMT
    I have included seven things here. If you have any doubt, you can reach us to solve the same.

    #1. AIPMT is for 15% of Seats
    AIPMT entrance exam conducted by CBSE is for 15% of medical seats all over India, but it doesn’t include medical colleges in Telangana , Andhra Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir.

    In fact, the seats allotted for AIPMT toppers are about 2100. But one who manages to come under 3000 will have a better chance of admission as the top rank holders get good ranks in other entrance exams as well.

    #2. AIPMT Rules out NEET
    CBSE, in last few years, had conducted NEET in place of AIPMT. Since both the exams remains the same in functiona lity and purpose. Before NEET comes into play, AIPMT consisted of two tiers, prelims, and main exam. The pupils who managed to cross the cutoff mark in prelims were only allowed to appear in the main.

    But now, AIPMT contains only one exam with 180 objective type questions, longing for 3 hours. Each question has four marks with a total 720. For every wrong answer, one mark will be reduced.

    #3. The Syllabus Remains the Same
    The syllabus for NEET and AIPMT is the same. You don’t need to dig a lot for syllabus as both being the same.

    The experts say you don’t have to rack your brain thinking about the difference between AIPMT and NEET. The core difference lies in the name only.
    The examination will have 45 questions from each subject (physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology).

    #4. Supreme Court Ordered to Stop NEET
    In the past few years, the medical aspirants who passed NEET (not everyone) faced issues with admissions. That's why a Supreme Court bench of three judges helmed by Justice Altamas Kabir ordered not to conduct NEET exams furthermore.

    #5. Reservations
    As in every year’s examinations, AIPMT 2016 also has reserved seats for minorities.

    The reservation goes on like this,

    (a) 15% seats are reserved for SC candidates,

    (b) 8% seats are reserved for ST candidates,

    (c) 27% seats are reserved for non-creamy layer OBC candidates

    So the general quota is 50%.

    #6. Only in English and Hindi
    Many times, AIPMT has been criticized for the medium of examination. The question paper is available only in English and Hindi. You can't see your regional language in it.

    In 2011 September, Gujarati Sahitya Parishad gave a petition in Gujarati High Court to conduct AIMPT in Gujarati. A second petition was given in 2013. But still the regional language possibility stays so far.

    #7. Banning Scarf Controversy
    CBSE won’t allow anyone to wear a scarf or full sleeves in the examination hall. Once, it created controversy in Kerala as two Muslim girls were protested to attend the examination.

    Still, CBSE follows the same instructions to conduct the examination because allowing the same may end up in malpractices.

    Wrapping Up
    Hope you find this AIMPT Examination article useful. We tried to cover the whole aspects of the same. If you still feel you need any additional detail, you can reach out to us and we will reply as soon as possible.