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  • Be Carefull of what you are writing Facebook can understand it

    According to the blog post published by facebook it is said that the social networking giant Facebook is working on an an AI engine called Deep Text which is building to understand the meaning and sentiment behind all of the text posted by users to Facebook.

    It is also said that the new AI is design to help it surface content that people may be interested in, and weed out spam. According to the post published by Quarts, Hussein Mehanna, an engineering director at Facebook’s machine learning team said “We want Deep Text to be used in categorizing content within Facebook to facilitate searching for it and also surfacing the right content to users,”

    If this project of the Facebook is completed then the social engine giant will be able to track all the information put or shared by the users and able to understand the questions which the users asked, and surface the right sort of information for us in its search results. into the network, just as Google crawls the entire web for information and indexes it.

    Facebook also says that Deep Text can understand the meaning of thousands of posts per second, in 20 languages, “with near-human accuracy.” The system tries to understand the semantic relationships and similarities between words, meaning it realizes that “brother” and “bro” are often used in similar situations. The way that Deep Text has been trained on data means that it can also understand similarities across languages, so that it sees little difference between “happy birthday” and “feliz cumpleaños.”

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