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  • Tired of Reality?? Jump into the world of Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality trying to spread it’s roots in the technology market

    Virtual reality is the new s**t!!

    Soon virtual reality will hit the market and it will be totally out of this world. There was an era when mobile phones hit the market and totally saturated the market, than came the era of smartphones. We all know the impact that Iphone created on everybody’s life and how it helped to evolve the way of living. Now we are about to jump into a new era and once again technology is about to revolutionize the way of living.

    VR (Virtual Reality) the so called dream that we used to see in movies is about to step on our doors and we are awaiting it’s arrival. Many of us might have used the handy and inexpensive VR launched by Google named Google Cardboard. Google cardboard had the USP of being inexpensive and readily available but it was unable to overcome many issues like poor graphic quality and lack of apps developed to play on it, However for a beginning it was a great start and provided with a really nice experience.

    Now, the other big players are about to enter this arena. Recently Facebook took over Occulus Rift and has launched it’s new Gear VR providing digital experience to a whole new level. There is an endless world awaiting there which will immerse it’s users into a new reality. It is like a heaven for gamers and movie aficionado.

    Last year SONY launched it’s Playstation 4 providing 4K graphic quality to users now SONY is all ready to step into the world of virtual reality. SONY has announced to launch Playstation VR gear this year by October. By combining Playstation with VR the possibilities are endless and we are eagerly waiting for the gear.

    The Science
    1.Lenses adjust the focal point according to eyes.

    2.The Display is made in a way that it uses the concept of stereoscopic images helping to visualize depth to a user.

    3.Tracking panels that senses even small changes in user position and adjust the display according to that. Various panels like compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope are fitted into these gears.

    4.Audio system which provide the user with audio, mostly the audio system is a 3D one.

    About the Author:
    Tushar Goel (T_God)

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