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  • How to Boost your Career after Engineering Degree

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    When an undergrad reaches their final year their mind is confused between what to do in future. This article will help you to decide what to do in future.

    A Degree in engineering from an Indian institute open up a world of opportunity to a student but sometimes these vast opportunities lead to a confusion of what to do in future and this article is to help you identify yourself and choose the right career path once you are done with engineering.

    Here are the options an engineer have after doing engineering:-

    1. Job at MNC
    -If you are looking for a job than I would advise to develop skills in your field for eg. If you are a CS/IT student join some programming courses and try to code as much as possible start doing coding on Github for a mechanical and civil student try to be an expert of AutoCAD and graphic softwares,believe me graphic software may sound irrelevant but this is what will help you to visualize your projects better. Once you develop technical skills you will need to develop your communication skills.Be very sure your technical skills alone wont land you a job on the other hand only your communication skills can, a recruiter not only looks at your knowledge but also your ability to express that knowledge, I have seen students with good grades and technical skill not able to pull off a placement because of their limited communication skills.

    2. Sarkari Job- If govt. job is what you want to do than start as soon as possible. You will need patience to crack a govt. job exam also maintain good grades and start reading newspaper daily along with that develop a good General knowledge. These things are a must for a person looking for a govt. job.

    3. Study abroad(MS and MBA)- the most important thing you need for this is money. Believe me studying abroad is really expensive, even if you can get into Harvard it is not easy to pay the tuition fee. But if you can afford than start working on your overall profile. They will check your overall profile your CGPA, Certifications, Internships, Work ex, Research work and your GRE or GMAT score. To achieve a good GRE or GMAT score you will need to work on your vocabulary start using Magoosh vocab app cards(free app ) it will help a lot.

    4.Higher studies in India( or MBA)- If you feel like pursuing higher studies in India only than take a really good care of your percentage and be an overall performer at your institute. For you need to appear in GATE which will be a test of your technical skills in your domain ,so don’t miss those classes and study hard in your college. For MBA you need to give CAT,MAT,XAT,ATMA or any other entrance for this you really need to work hard on Maths and English start coaching from today itself don’t procrastinate. People start taking classes 1 or 2 year before they appear for exam. Apart from this you need good grades and a profile which shows that your head is in business. Join NGO, open up a startup, take an initiative whether you fail or not doesn’t matter be bold.

    See each and every field mentioned above require effort and believe me if you work now your whole life will be a piece of cake or else you’ll end up having a frustrated life. So work hard today while you can and party forever.

    About the Author:
    Tushar Goel (T_God)

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