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  • 4 Factors That Make IT Training and Certification Programs So Popular

    Have your career reached the point where growth seems remote? Are you out of the high achievers’ group? If you have been nodding “Yes” to these questions then your CV needs something extra. Your knowledge and skills based on your formal education and experience may help you in initial growth, but changing technology and IT practices require continuous knowledge up-gradation, which can be availed via advance certification in the respective technologies.

    Being a working professional, you would look for the alternatives to make your knowledge bank appealing to your bosses but finding time to do that would be another challenge! Online learning has solved this problem to large extent as they offer everything from training sessions to exams online. Even in case of classroom studies, you get different session timings to accommodate it in your work schedule.

    These training programs offer you the desired expertise in given time frame without affecting your existing job responsibilities. Here are the four factors that make these training programs so popular.

    Image Credit: Dave Seepersad

    1.Various courses to choose from

    Changing technology and introduction of advanced work practices have made way for new learning opportunities. Different companies and software developers are introducing advanced gadgets powered by softwares that make them effective for various applications. While there are many new softwares and gadgets being introduced, it has become equally important to learn them all. Different courses and certifications are offered by the inventors themselves in order to make the individuals proficient in using their software and take maximum advantage of the same. All these certifications and courses are offered by authorized partners. You will have enough choice to select the professionally fitting course online.

    2.Convenient and flexible timings

    If you are opting for a course midway in your career, then the biggest challenge would be time management. Online training programs help you overcome this challenge due to convenient and flexible timing. Some training centers also have different batches to choose from – Morning, Evening, Afternoon or Weekend! You can finish the training modules on weekends or during evening hours depending on your work schedule. Even if you are not working, you can access the course material at any time of the day through their online modules. This gives comfortable learning while making the most of the time.

    3.Lower learning expenses

    Learning is priceless and hence cost doesn’t matter at all when you are learning something new for your self-development, but budget still matters as you have various other commitments too. The total cost of such courses is competitive and they also offer financial support in terms of educational loan. Corporate funding is also offered by some companies.

    4.Good option to fill the gap

    Filling the career gap becomes quite important to avoid fluctuating career graph. You can think of opting for such course when <a href="" rel="nofollow">you are hunting for a new job </a> or raising your family. This will give an additional boost to your career by making your CV more attractive while keeping you updated about the technological changes.

    Keeping the pace with changing technologies have always helped the professionals in keeping their career path positive. Stay updated, stay in demand!

    Author bio :
    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Inter-Networkz </a> , ISO certified Networking training center in Bangalore, India, offers Cisco CCNA, CCIE and CCNP training courses and certifications.

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