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  • Top Ten Reasons Why eBooks are Better than Printed Books

    A recent study has researched how eBooks are gaining prominence in the book market, in comparison to printed books. There is a huge base of consumers who are readily opting for electronic book mediums, today.
    The top 10 reasons why eBooks are getting ahead of printed books:
    Consumers are revealed to a number of benefits, when deciding upon settling for eBooks. Some of the many benefits of settling for the eBooks include-
    1. They are very easy to obtain-
    One of the greatest issues with printed books at the start of any academic year is their late publishing and late arrival at the stores. This results in a lot of wastage of valuable time for the students. This is where the eBooks step in into the frame. Since these are easier to obtain and readily downloadable from the internet, students no longer have to waste any valuable time that could have been spent academically.
    2. eBooks are more up to date-
    Dynamic subjects like tax, sociology, accounts, science, management, etc, are always changing or including new rules patterns and information. It is a must that students be aware of these changes. In case of printed books, it becomes difficult to include the changes, once the book has been published. But since the eBooks are easily updated and upgraded, no loss of information of avoidance of correction takes place.
    3. Covers more information-
    eBooks are readily noticed to cover more information than printed books. They include not only the course work, but also a variety of related information and references for the students to cover.
    4. Less space required-
    With the eBooks, all you required is a device that allows you to download and read the file and your are sorted. They take up the space available on devices like, computers, smart phones, tablets, kindles, etc, without occupying any space in your home. No more bulky books stooping on your study table.
    5. Nature friendly-
    The fact that these books do not use paper, save many trees annually. With global warming literally taking over the world, it is important that we concentrate on similar means to prevent deforestation.
    6. Improving technology-
    With technology, ever evolving and developing, there is a lot of scope in this sector. Engineers are constantly working towards making the system even more reader friendly.
    7. Make global searches-
    You can make searches on the topic of study at the same time you are going through the text. This makes referencing to other books and texts all the more easier.
    8. Easy to carry and portable-
    The fact that these tabs are extremely sleek and light, makes it all the more easy to carry around. You can now carry hundreds of e-books with you at a time, without having to carry the weight of the published ones.
    9. Hot-Linked references-
    The fact that the context in the e-books comes hot linked references is a big plus. This way you do not have to buy several printed books on the same subject for multiple references. You find all that and more with the e-books.
    10. Easier on the pocket-
    The fact that the e-books are way cheaper in comparison to printed books is a fact that cannot be ignored all in all. Buying e-books saves you a lot of money that can be used to buy other required books. You can buy eBook s online from leading online website amazon and flikart.

    Get your hands on e-books for your courses today, to prepare for your entrance exams, college courses, etc, most efficiently