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  • Tricks to Memorize Formulas Quickly

    Have you ever experienced difficulty in memorizing formulas especially maths? You may even have spent a whole day and woke up all night to learn these maths formulas. It’s time to leave back the tension and nervousness regarding the subject and overcome it. Determination and few practices of memorizing would help you remove the fear associated with these formulas. Below are some of the tips or you may even say it as tricks that may help you.

    Best Ways to Grasp Maths Formula

    ● It's better to have a look at maths topics in advance before it has been thought in class so that you may be able to at least get some ideas about formulas forehand. As you read further, you may be able to identify some of it and the rest though it seems to be new that's fine, all you should do is to concentrate in class and its help in further understanding. This approach would not consume much time say hardly 10 minutes before every class.

    ● Never try to learn maths formula without understanding their meaning. It may lead to confusion. It's better to understand the meaning and conditions of each formula along with related graph for clear understanding. You will be able to relate a diagram with a formula whenever you try to recall the formula which in turn would help you to remember it well.

    ● As there is a saying “ Practice makes a man perfect”, try to imply the same, that is practice solving more and more problems by using formulas. Try to visualize. One glance at a formula would never help you to remember. The more you practice, the more you remember.

    ● Make a list of mathematical formulas in a small note. List must include all the important topics like Algebra, Differentiation, Percentage and Trigonometry formulas, Ensure that you can see formulas whenever possible. You can stick a note in your room, fridge, table anywhere and wherever possible. Another way to learn a maths formulas would be to follow a particular pattern say in a form a song tune or simply a game.

    ● Avoid all sorts of distractions that would harness your process of learning that is either internet, video games, chatting with friends or even listening to music. Also ensure to get adequate sleep and don't stay up till late nights. A sound sleep would help to memorize things better or probably even best. Never let yourself starve. Make sure to satisfy your thirst and hunger. Ensure not to full your stomach to the extent that you may fall asleep.

    Stay confident, once you are done with, that when you get a grip on these maths formulas and equations and not a problem will persist regarding this as well as in future.

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