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  • How can you create a thesis and don’t use essay writing service

    Is it possible to write an essay by yourself, or should you buy a custom essay?

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    Today, more and more students choose to buy a custom essay instead of writing it by themselves. It occurs because of several reasons: the essay writing service is widespread, so most of the students can afford it, and the majority of students are overwhelmed with work, family, and other personal issues that don’t allow them to concentrate on their study. Lack of time and availability of pocket money make current students loyal customers of companies that provide custom writing essay services.

    This state of affairs has many benefits for both: companies and students. Companies earn good money, and students get professional assistance in writing their works. Nevertheless, despite the huge variety and aggressive advertising campaigns, most of these businesses are incompetent. If you decide to use such services, it is mandatory to choose the best of them: you cannot afford failing a grade! One of the most skilled and experienced essay writing companies is the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow"></a>.

    What should you do if you want to write the essay by yourself?

    As a matter of fact, many students want to write their paperwork by themselves. It does not only save money, but also more importantly, it gives knowledge of the subject and an opportunity to become a better specialist in your field. Meanwhile, many newbies have one same problem – they don’t know how to write the essay. Despite the availability of methodology materials, courses, articles, etc., this question is still of current interest. If you are one of the students who want to learn to write, or you want to improve your skills, read carefully – it will help you in future.

    The method of right questions

    One of the easiest to use and most efficient methods of writing a great essay is asking the right questions. A typical thesis contains many different kinds of information that are structured in specific sections. Both short and long articles present the following information: an introduction, data analysis, counterarguments, and conclusion. The first and the last elements have fixed places, but other ones don’t. That is why it is helpful to think of these sections in terms of answering a number of questions your professor or any other reader might ask when reading your paperwork. Readers must have questions because if they don’t, your work is an inviolable statement and cannot be considered scientific. The most helpful questions are: "What?", "How?", and "Why?".

    "What?", "How?", and "Why?"

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    The first question is “what facts show that the problem described in your essay is true?” In order to answer this question, you should check your evidence and present facts in a logical and reasonable form. The “what” section comes at the beginning of the essay, often right after the introduction. However, be aware, don’t write too much in this section. Its volume should not exceed the third part of your essay; otherwise, it will look like a summary or description, but not a scientific work.

    “How” is another important question. It can be formulated as “how does new material, another set of sources, a new way of looking at pieces of evidence, influence claims you're making?” Generally, the thesis includes at least one "how" section. It usually comes after the previous “what” section.

    The “why” question will help you and your readers understand why your interpretation of the considered phenomenon matters to anyone else besides you. This issue is very important because it allows understanding the applicability of your work. You should raise it in the introduction, but the fullest answer must be given at the end of the essay.

    As you may see, writing the essay is not hard work, but it requires a creative approach, attention to details, and confidence in your work. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to spend time writing the essay, you can easily order a custom essay from a reliable company.

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