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  • Five Reasons To Pick NCERT Books For JEE-Main

    There are many reasons to why students get stressed easilyduring JEE-main exams every year and choosing the right source for preparationexists among the top. With so many sources available, many students fail todecide and end up in a mess by applying ideas from every source.

    After many studies and long discussions, it is advisablethat going for NCERT textbooksto prepare for JEE-Mainalong with other competitive exams proves to be fruitful. But why NCERT booksare considered to be bible for students? Here are some points you need to knowto answer the above query.

    1. Precise Content

    NCERT books for every CBSE class are written by experts after proper research on every topic. The information compiled can never mislead any student. The content present is completely to the point without any irrelevant statement of any publisher in support or against.

    2. Strong Basics

    Whether you need to prepare for board exams or JEE, NCERT books cover fundamentals on every topic. The concepts are made as clear that can be understood by students with varying capabilities.

    3. Standard Questions

    NCERT books carry standard questions. Even though the number of questions are fewer than other publishers books that provide question banks, the questions in ncert effectively cover the syllabus for the exam.

    4. Easy Language

    Nothing is more important than complete understanding of the concept, regardless of the textbooks that does it for you. NCERT books are designed with a primary intention to explain the content in the most simple and standard language by the experts. Students can save a lot of time in searching on net and another 1000 pages reference books.

    5. Questions from NCERT Books

    If you refer previous years question, you can notice that many questions in JEE-Main are asked directly from NCERT books. This implies that the so called NCERT solutions just cannot be ignored to answer any question in any competitive exam. Hence, if you want to obtain impressive scores in upcoming JEE-Main exam, all that is advisable is refer NCERT books for Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

    Apart from books, the most effective measure you can opt is making your own notes by referring NCERT books. When you make your own notes, you remember better and the points stay in your mind for ever. Make sure that your notes have all the important diagrams, points, theories and statements. Do not try to mug up but relate every concept to real time examples. Study with interest and understand the importance of time your preparation for the exam without any stress and load.

    Include maximum points from NCERT books while answering in the examination and do not try to elaborate when it is not required. Explain every point in simple and correct manner with neat labeled diagram representation.

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