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  • My Freshman Year : My Taarangana

    Engineering is the most sought-after profession in India and, on the contrary engineering colleges are the most caricatured. Nothing gets the day going like a good meme on engineering and its students. Every fresher has the same attitude. They feel as if they are falling into an abyss of studies, a chasm of formulae. But, the perception changes quickly when fests arrive at your doorstep, only to knock you down with enthusiasm and loads of excitement.
    The same ineffable feeling is experienced by a fresher when she,as a coordinator, walks into one of Taarangana’s meetings. The phenomenal energy, the vigour with which the Head Co-ordinators and the seniors work towards the goal of making Taarangana a big success from day one, the perseverance is enough to get any lazy first year into action.

    Their faces, their actions express how much Taarangana means to them, it conveys about the grit female engineers have. At IGDTUW, Taarangana is synonymous to empowerment, it is where a team of 300 to 400 girls work together to break the stereotype and, achieve a great grand festival which not only provides a platform for the participants to tussle it out in competitions, but also ensures a joy ride full of fun for all the visitors.
    It’s no wonder that a newbie feels overwhelmed when her seniors come up to her class on the very first day, jumping up and down on their feet, explaining to her class , with reminiscent looks on their faces , what a blast last year was and how the coming year will be even bigger and better!

    The enthusiasm booming around the campus is infectious and, no wonder newbies also get infected by the same spirit of making Taarangana big, putting their heart and soul working towards Taarangana and, becoming a solid foundation over which it is built.
    Now that Taarangana is just a few days away, the magic is in the very air of IGDTUW. Everybody is just literally breathing in and out Taarangana. This carnival-esque atmosphere, which coincidentally happens to be this year’s theme(La Melange), is magical. Naturally when the days leading up to it are so incredible, you’ll expect the main event to be nothing short of a spectacle.

    The festival like ambience should entrance you . The EDM should pump music in your veins, the adrenaline should never wear off. You want to radiate happiness, dazzle in the glow . You want to forget all your worries for those two days and simply savour the feeling of being part of an extravagant vista. You want to be hypnotized by the energy around you and sparkle the night away. You hope to turn your friends into family and, to find the dawn to your dusk.

    Good habits should not be forsaken, and true love never goes away. As a freshman, I have accepted my love for Taarangana and it is IMMENSE!

    Taarangana is the annual cultural fest of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, Kashmere Gate - the first all women’s technical university pan South-Asia. Do visit Taarangana on 3rd and 4th of February, to experience the best cultural fest across Delhi &NCR.