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  • Write or Wrong By Ajit Kumar Jha

    Blurb: "While working under a stern publisher who dealt with his staff like a military commander, the protagonist said something to the publisher that made him start sweating in the month of December. What did he say? What did the astrologer who claimed to have served under Subhash Chandra Bose in the INA and predicted the time of death of some Indian political leaders, reveal to the protagonist? The unseen and unknown remote employers connected to the protagonist through the Internet make the protagonist wonder if he is living in an Orwellian 1984 or The Brave New World of Huxley! Is it too late when the protagonist discovers he is working for a Pakistani company? Does the protagonist eventually catch up with Melissa, a fly-by-night, faceless, remote employer? The publishing world is changing rapidly today, when everyone is a writer and reader alike, and getting published can be a cakewalk. Read on..." Review: An interesting book which draws you in with every page you read. The author shares his personal experiences which cover a wide array of people and places.I read the book in one go. The author exposes the big bad underbelly of the world of publishing.The best and most interesting part is of a sainik school student thinking of becoming a writer, rather than an army officer.