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  • The Unknown Fall By Ankit Sharma


    Ahaan, an average looking stone faced chap who prefer to remain isolated despite of having friends but his preference never coincided with his fate and he has to give in to the situation.
    The unwelcomed invasion of Daavi in his life as love, again drags him back to the point he was five years back. Haunted by the past his present is ruining the SECOND CHANCE at door. The fear of failing yet again grabs him by throat and he’s late to realize what he missed.
    Better late than never but being late has a price to pay. Is Ahaan ready to pay the price? Is Ahaan ready to love again? Is he ready for “The Unknown Fall” again?
    Such is the saga of The Unknown Fall. First love, Second Chance and Eternal bond of Friendship.


    Loved the Book. I must consider it as a good debut Novel. Author is promising and may go long. Storytelling elements are there. i believe it will be further polished by Author. A simple story of love and I loved that 143 thing at the ends of chapter and the emoji that followed is really good.

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