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  • When My Father Cried By Manisha Bhatia


    Brimming with success, the ambitious and talented girl Malini Malhotra has transformed her ill destiny by winning the prestigious Young Talent of the Year Award of the advertising industry through her sheer will and dedication. However, her personal life is a series of relationship train wrecks. And despite all the success, her inner being is still at unrest because of her shaken faith in human relations, resulting in a strained bond with her father. All she desires is to fix it and honour his silent love and sacrifices. Will she get a chance to revive her bond with her father? Or will a disaster hit when her past resurfaces into her life on the award night, or will she meet her dream man on the same night?

    About the Author :

    Manisha Bhatia is a management graduate comprising enriching experience as a marketing professional in diverse industries. She started her writing journey as a blogger wherein she successfully created an amazing reader base for her poetry, articles, and short stories. She has also received 'The Woman of Honour' and 'Aagman Yuva Pratibha Samman' from the prestigious Aagman Literary Group. Her debut novel, 'When My Father Cried' reflects her passion, commitment, and long vision for writing. Additionally, she has also dabbled in painting, poetry, and is also a regular participant of various philanthropic and extracurricular activities.

    Amazon review:

    Even before the idea of this entire book was conceived, through a simple narration from the author herself, I sketched a shade in my heart on how this book will turn out to be. And today after finishing it, that sketch have transformed into a deep feeling of longing to those characters. ‘When My Father Cried’ was not only a tale of daughter and father, but a deep spiritually embedded journey of two souls into the realization of love and nature. Thank you, for writing such a wonderful piece; I’m not only a fan of Manisha Bhatia now, but a novice and follower of her narration and style. I would call my experience while reading this book, 'A gush of love in the lost time.'

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