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  • Sinful Crossroads by Gaurav Tanwar


    Two college friends are gearing up for their first outstation trip together, but the adventure starts much before the journey. One of them seems to be getting it all – he meets his ex in an auto, makes out on a train, becomes the love interest of another guy on a ropeway and ends up in the arms of a stranger – while the other is left wondering why. Come, travel with two immature friends whose casual trip turns into an experience of a lifetime. They lie to their parents, make friends on the way, get stuck in a haunted building, meet beautiful girls and spend their evenings listening to breath-taking experiences of strangers. But when they finally breathe after a series of adventures, they aren't the same anymore. Sinful Crossroads is a story of how random things sometimes add up to make for the most important life-lessons.

    About the Author

    Gaurav Tanwar did his schooling from Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. He is a trained Mechanical Engineer and Management Professional with a successful stint in the industry. Currently, he is on a short sabbatical, giving wings to his passion for writing. His interests include reading, interacting with people on the streets of less crowded cities, travelling on bikes in the Himalayan terrain, trekking and late night drives.

    Amazon Review:

    whatever happens at a trip, stays with you forever and teaches you a million things, knowingly or unknowingly. YES! this book is for all travellers and readers! The book is written from one of the friends point of view, of his and mayanks journey. Which changes their core of thinking and rejuvenates them about life. The author has done a brilliant work by putting up such englightening messages inbetween the lines. you'll definitely learn something!

    It is not just that but also alot of mess that takes place inbetween their trip which in the end makes them realise what fun would have been if not this rns of life. from meeting a millionaire to learning so much about life and having various encounters with exes or new ladies they find their way back home with inner peace. A new way to live their life and breathe. the cover and title are really amazing, so is the language and thoughts which are put by the author.It also teaches us about to do what we love- no matter what. This book also reminded me about colourful notions by mohit goyal. the book feels so much like a journey- travelling in their shoes. beautiful imagery and narration! kudos to the author.

    travellling heals. travelling is life.

    themes covered- love, friendship, inner thoughts, peace, solitude, romance and lust.