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  • EYE For Innovation By The IIT Whizkids

    bamboo guitar iit delhi invention

    A peek at the ‘ inventions’ of students that were on display at the seventh Open House of the Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi, celebrating its golden jubilee year.

    INVENTION: Electric bamboo guitar

    What happens when musically inclined engineering students put their heads together to invent? You get something like the bamboo electric guitar.

    “ Everyone in our group plays some musical instrument or the other. So we decided to innovate and change the design of the electric guitar. There are a lot of folk bands coming up and we think such an instrument could be useful for them,” Sachin C, one of the innovators and a student of Masters in Industrial Design, said. All wooden parts of the guitar are replaced with bamboo parts and the students expect it to be useful for learners in rural areas as it’s not too expensive

    COST: INR 2,500

    INNOVATORS: Sachin C ( in picture) , Vibin AV and Kiran Gopinath

    INVENTION: Bucket washing machine

    Ever imagined a washing machine that fits in your average bathing bucket? Two students of applied mechanical engineering have accomplished just that. “ The apparatus can be fitted on any bucket.

    Instead of washing clothes with your hands, you leave them in the bucket and let the machine do it. At one time you can wash about four to five items of clothing with this machine fitted on a bucket,” Jituranjan Nayak said. The washing machine runs only


    when one rotates the crank at the top of the apparatus. “ Yes, you have to work a little, but the energy spent washing this way is much less than washing clothes with your own hands,” he added

    COST: INR 500- 600

    INNOVATORS: Ajay Kumar Behara and Jituranjan Nayak ( in picture)

    INVENTION: Chair- cum- ladder

    It’s a chair. It’s also a ladder. The quirky yet useful invention, created by a team of four second- year students of mechanical engineering, can change from chair to ladder and vice- versa in 30 seconds flat. “ It will be useful for retailers in congested areas such as Chandni Chowk,” Akshat Anand said

    COST: INR 400- 500

    INNOVATORS: Abhinav Jain, Vishal Abhishek ( in picture) , Anmol Jain and Akshat Anand

    INVENTION: Portable wardrobe

    Two trunks can be converted into a cupboard or vice- versa

    COST: INR 800

    INNOVATORS: Manik Gaurav Vig ( in picture) , Akshay Budania, Abhishek Jha, Devesh Kumar and Ujjwal Sharma

    bucket washing machine iit delhi invention

    Bucket Washing Machine

    Portable Wardrobe

    Chair - cum - ladder

    Article Credits: Mailtoday