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  • 7 Days by Stanish Gill


    "All that Apurva wanted was to live a happily married life with the woman he loved the most, but what he didn't expect to face was a drastic and dangerous challenge on the first night of his honeymoon.
    He woke up the first morning and discovered his wife to be affected by something he didn't have any clue about.

    He was faced with two options, either leave her and save himself or stay and find a solution.
    What will Apurva choose to do? Will he be successful in his decision?
    7 days is a romantic, psychological thriller with paranormal element in it."

    About the Author

    Stanish Gill is a young writer associated with Film Writer Association as an Associate Writer. Apart from writing fictional novels, he also writes Hindi songs. Some of his work has been published in newspapers and on the Film Writer Association portal. He is an Educationist by profession and lives along with his wife and two sons in Mumbai.