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  • How pursuing Engineering will scale up your career?

    Engineering is a vast pool of study, it refers to the application of fundamental& theoretical knowledge of science, mathematics or solving the complex solutions. It helps you to invent, innovate and modify the certain equipments, tools & process related to engineering. The study of engineering has a vast scope in India & several emerging as well as developed economies, as it is quite challenging enough due to the complexity it involves. But moreover, the study of engineering is rewarding enough that gives you an immense career opportunity If you intend to pursue the course with a same enthusiasm & zeal, it will definitely reward you with the higher amount of job satisfaction.
    In a recent years, due to increasing demand of technology & several other equipments, the engineering degree is a most sought course in India. The study of Engineering is an in-depth study as it involves several specializations.

    • Overview of Engineering:

    It is a unique combination of creative application to develop certain structure, manufacturing process, etc in order to create it with certain inventions. Ever since the globalization paradox, the engineering stream has been increased with the inclusion of varied stream.The engineering is a technical stream with a psychological impact ever. The ever increasing streams or branch of study denotes a testament that the engineering stream is increasing. There are various types of general engineering:

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering, etc

    However, due to rapid growth & deep impact of globalization, there are new types of study evolved in engineering stream which has massive value in the market. In this article, we will broadly focus on three types of engineering:

    1. Aeronautical Engineering:

    It refers to a study of fundamental &the technical aspects of aerospace equipments related to the several topics that includes designing, manufacturing in regards to safety. It fosters the innovative capabilities among the students &get placed in a bigger MNC companies like Accenture, TATA, Luftsana Airlines, etc. The students who would like to pursue this course can get a lucrative pay package ranging from Rs. 4 – 10 lacs per annum in addition to this some companies offer international trips & field training. Aeronautical is a next big thing to look out for, if you are really interested in making big in your career.

    1. Cloud Technology & Information Security:

    There is a tremendous scope of the internet, it a powerful medium that can reach out throughout the world with a minimum cost involved. However, in a recent years due to the vast amount of data theft and ever increasing demand the students are pursuing engineering specialization in cloud technology & information security. After graduating with this degree, students can get placed in several big software companies like Microsoft, Sales Force, etc. While in India to be a data administrator or any other related designation, a student can expect a pay of Rs 2 – 5 lakh depending on the company.

    1. Construction Management:

    In recent years, it has seen that seen that the construction companies are looking for town planning and technically advanced professionals who can utilize modern technology in the construction era. Every builder or constructer wants the professionals who visualizes & have hands on experience & knowledge of modern technology. There are few premier universities in Maharashtra who offer this course such as Sandip University who believes in town planning & high quality construction management. If you are planning for a career in construction management, you can expect a salary of around Rs 3,00,000 to 6,00,000/- depending on the standards of construction company.
    Engineers are recruited in a several fields, these experts provides genuine and authentic solutions to the society, which resolves our day to day problem in the various fields ranging from roads to information technology systems – engineers plays an important role in our lives.
    If you are willing to pursue your career in any one of the field, you need to upgrade your creative skills, knowledge in all the aspects. At Sandip university midterm campus interviews are held every year out of which 45% of students gets selected from each engineering department in Fortune 500 companies. To get better insight you can check out the section of
    Sandip University placement section. In today’s competitive world every student must grab the opportunities where they get world class facilities to explore skills and faculties who will mentor in their pathway of success.
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