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  • Everything NRI Students Should Know About Engineering Coaching in India

    Indians have spread all over the world. From the Gulf countries to the UK and US, Indians today are just everywhere. Each year thousands of Indians move out to different countries looking for opportunities that can give their family a better lifestyle. However, many still want their kids to get an engineering degree from India. So, if you are one of the hundreds of students residing outside India who feel that IIT is the right place for you, there are two options- either you come down to India and appear for the examination after taking guidance from a top coaching institute or seek admission through the DASA (Direct Admission of Students Abroad) route.

    Here is a rundown of things NRI students need to know when planning to join a coaching institute in India and seeking admission into Indian Engineering colleges.
    The Scene of Engineering Coaching in India
    India has been a hub for education since time immemorial. With premium coaching institutions mushroomed all over the country, it has become easier than ever for aspirants to acquire guidance under well-read and conversant faculty members. Many NRI students today, opt to come down to India and dedicate a year for preparation. Why? Because of the facilities and course structure offered by top coaching centres like Aakash Institute. They have a broad curriculum that helps students reap the benefits in the shortest time possible. If any student is confused about which city Aakash Institute centre to choose, the Aakash Institute review on popular websites will help them figure out the best location for them. Especially, when they are short of time and cannot afford to visit each centre personally.
    Why is Engineering Coaching Required?
    Though many aspirantsbelieve in self-study or studying online, getting enrolled in some coaching institute has many benefits.

    • Right guidance would provide goodpreparation strategy.
    • By getting enrolled in a regular classroom program, students have easy access to tailor-made course materials and constant guidance of experienced faculty members who leave no stone unturned to help the students comprehend the subject in a crystal-clear manner.
    • Aspirants would have easy access to high-quality study material and mock tests.
    • With mentors keeping a check on the progress, candidates would know the areas they need to work upon.
    • Getting admission in a coaching institute lets the aspirants have a strict study schedule with a proper timetable about the study flow.
    • The extensiveand beneficial doubt removal sessions would help diagnose the weak areas and a strategy to work on them.

    Eligibility for Direct Admission
    Students who have lived out of India for more than10 years are demarcated as NRI (non-resident Indians). Candidates willing to take admission in any Indian engineering college must have passed 10+2 or equivalent securing a minimum of 60% aggregate marks from any system of education recognised by AIU (Association of Indian Universities).
    NRIs get admission to Indian engineering colleges including NITs, IITs,and other central universities through DASA scheme proposed by MHRD. The admission of NRI students is donebased on their score obtained in the SAT examination. However,students living in the Gulf area can also opt for the JEE route. But, it’s easier to secure a seat via the DASA route as the competition is lesser as compared to the other available options.