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  • Approaching high selective college for Admission 2017

    With a remarkable paradigmshift from people, choosing a general degree career into highly specialized one like engineering. There is indeed a chances of student getting careful about the career opportunities are tremendous. But however, due to the vast amount of competition it is necessary for a student to select a perfect engineering colleges in Mahrashtra that suits its budget criteria, location, preference, syllabus, industry recognition, career opportunities, etc. However, in a country like India where there is huge amount of diversity, the engineering colleges are deeply categorized into grading level like Top tiereducational institutes like (IIT’s,NIT’s) Mid tier (BITS, Sandip Foundation) & several esteem colleges In Maharashtra. Hence the students who aspires to become an engineer are getting cautious about the career opportunities.
    Classification Of Engineering Colleges In Maharashtra
    Sr No College Name Classification Place
    1 IIT, Bombay Tier 1 Mumbai
    2 KJ Somaiya Tier 1 Mumbai
    3 DY Patil College of Engineering Tier 1 Pune
    4 Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering Tier 2 Mumbai
    5 MIT College of Engineering Tier 2 Pune
    6 Sandip Foudation Tier 2 Nashik
    7 Bharati Vidyapeeth University College Of Engineering Tier 2 Pune
    8 Sardar Patel College of Engineering Tier 3 Mumbai
    9 Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering &Management Tier 3 Nagpur
    10 Government College of Engineering Tier 3 Ambedgoan
    Every engineering branch has some different value & every college has some different particular specialization, that makes them different from others. Today, the majority of jobs in India or overseas, are available in engineering sector due to the increasing demand & need of well skilled Indian engineers around the world. Majority of top entrepreneurs & successful businessman have studied engineering, who have not only provided the immense opportunities in the engineering field, butalso embark an Indian innovation to the global level. Today, the engineering companies of India have made into fortune 500 companies, due to the pioneering efforts of engineering students from India, that have changed a global competitive landscape..
    As the immense competition in the market, it is a big pressure for the students to select an appropriate college to make an impeccable career,while for the educational institutions constant upgradation is a must. With the ever increasing new technologies, the scope of engineering is likely to grow. While the admission for the year 2017, has already been started with an energetic priority .