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  • How Mechanical Engineering Opens the Door to Success

    As a popular engineering branch offered in most engineering colleges across India, Mechanical Engineering has immense career prospects. Integral part of the B.Tech course structure, a degree in Mechanical engineering can fetch you a job in any of the following fields-

    Automotive Engineer:

    Right from research and development, design and production engineering, automotive engineering is a very promising field of career. The automobile industry is one of the most evolving industry, wherein significant innovation and development are taking place in creating sustainable and eco-friendly cars. After completing a course in Mechanical engineers, students who have the aptitude and interest in this field can easily get a job.

    Nuclear Engineering:

    Fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering is mandatory to pursue a career in nuclear engineering. As a mechanical engineer, you are trained to get hands-on expertise in designing, research, and production. These are valuable assets that will come to rescue for working in power plants, nuclear reactor projects, and research centers.

    Construction and Civil Development:

    Qualified Mechanical engineers can also work in the Civil development and construction sector. Various construction projects namely roadways, buildings, eco-friendly design projects employ both civil and mechanical engineers.

    Aerospace Engineer:

    Aerospace engineering involves technical expertise at developing spacecraft, air crafts, and satellites. It is an elite job that students with a mechanical engineering background can pursue. Aerospace engineering requires the application of Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, and Structures. These topics are a core part of Mechanical Engineering B.Tech course structure.

    Now that we are clear on the job opportunities of mechanical engineers let’s turn our focus on the training and education associated with this field.

    Qualification to Pursue a Promising Career as a Mechanical Engineers

    • The first step is to get a B.Tech degree with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed engineering college like BML Munjal University. The University follows a unique pedagogical approach of learning. Learning is more focused on the practical aspect of the curriculum and students spend a lot of their time on live projects, industrial visits, and internships.
    • After completion of 4 yeas B.Tech degree, for advanced learning, an MTech in Mechanical Engineering may further help your career goals. Many companies employ candidates who have a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. This degree will become relevant if you are looking to get employed at a Research and Development project in both Government and the private sector.
    • Post successful completion of the post-graduate degree, students who want to pursue academics, like taking up a teaching position or want to be part of a major research project can also consider enrolling in a Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering.

    Salary of Mechanical Engineers:

    Your salary as a mechanical engineer will primarily depend upon your interest, a sector of employment and of course higher studies that you plan to pursue. However,typically, the starting salary can be anything between Rs.15000 to Rs.25000. This number will naturally increase once your gain experience and move up the corporate ladder.

    Top companies including names like Indian Railways, ISRO, TATA Motors, General Motors, Reliance Industries, Mahindra Group hire young and talented mechanical engineers across several engineering colleges in the country. Therefore, a degree in mechanical engineering will indeed open doors to success and opportunity.