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  • How Technology Can Help Brands to Grow Their Bottom Line

    It’s no wonder that technology is completely transformed the way businesses operate. No matter if you are a local restaurant that uses countertop sale system to process orders, a fashion clothing store that allows customers to track their orders or a small branding agency that uses CRM to track customers. Thanks to the latest technological systems that are making small businesses faster, smoother and better organized.

    Being a small business owner, looking for smart and latest ways to grow your business can be a never-ending task. You have to continuously work towards finding new and innovative ways to attract and retain customers and build your brand.

    Now, businesses have all the latest technological tools available these days to utilize, so you can increase your brand reach, organize your business operations and communicate effectively with your customers.

    In order to stay competitive, increase profits, and grow faster, small businesses need to consider how to leverage the right technology tools.

    Here are some effective ways, small and midsize businesses can use technology to grow their bottom line.

    Use CRM Systems to Keep up with Your Customers

    Many small business owners use CRM systems to carefully know about their customer interactions in real time. With a CRM system, you can easily keep the contact information of your customers in a single place, along with all the detailed information about their purchase history, their feedback and the marketing materials you’ve shown them.

    Keeping track of your customer data makes it easier to offer outstanding customer service, and customized promotional offers based on your customers’ preferences and needs.

    Reach Your Target Customers

    There are many cloud-based technologies that help small businesses grow more efficiently by connecting them to the right audience and creating high qualified leads. There are many robust software systems available that can create more revenue generating email marketing campaigns and offer analytics to help get the right message to target customers.

    Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest can be used to promote your products and services. These technologies help you convey your brand message to the right audience for free.

    Using Data for Customers’ Personalized Campaigns

    The potential of data, which is now facilitated by modern connective platform, is outstanding. Today, brands can learn about the customers in detail and use this data for personalizing their offerings and messaging according to customers’ preferences.

    You can figure out which parts of your marketing strategy are more effective and then create personalized content accordingly. People these days are looking for more personalized customer experience and such efforts will help you to stand out among the rest.

    Personalization can be anything from segmenting your customers into different groups, creating customized offers for a particular demographics, developing special offers and so on. The key to success is to use the data smartly and build strong relationship with your users.

    Convert Leads to Customers

    Motivating customers to convert requires you to help customers through each and every step of online buyer journey and persuade them to take the desired action. Customers are indeed the cornerstone of any business. Being a digital marketer, it’s your job to use the latest technological tools at every step and decide what you can do to improve the user experience.

    As customers interactions can make a great impact.
    There are many customer support tools that can help customers find solutions through different means such as text, messaging, online forums, or even through calls. In addition, there are some software solutions that measure the loyalty of the business customer relationship.

    Your business must find out the pain areas of your customers and try to solve those problems with the customized products or services you offer. Many brands focus on customer acquisition than customer retention. However, if you focus on solving customers’ problems, along with improving user journey, your customers will stick to your brand. And this is the easiest way to keep your customers around. Discount offers, loyalty programs and customized content can make customers feel valued.

    Make Smart Business Decisions

    Cloud-based technologies help brands grow faster by offering highly effective and smart tools that are often free. Web based technologies allow multiple users to communicate in a single document and offer unlimited data storage.

    Cloud technologies can store your data, thus eliminating the need of an IT provider to perform backups. Small business owners can access data anywhere, anytime, thus helping you to make smarter, well-informed and better business decisions.

    Final Thoughts

    Technology makes it easier to transform and develop your brand in many exciting and innovative ways. These smart tools, if used correctly, will surely increase your bottom line and retain your customers.

    Small businesses need to work on developing stronger relationship with customers and creating loyalty. The latest technological advancements let brands get their message out there, now it’s up to you to choose the right tools and utilize them effectively for your business growth.

    Technology is great, but adding a human touch is essential for any effective marketing strategy. Putting only technology on its own is not a worthwhile idea, as it can’t make people connected. However, a human-to-human approach can do wonders for your small business.