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  • The Engineering Apps Students should use

    As we know Smartphone becoming more important for everyone they may be student, professional and businessman. All of us spending our free time with mobile phone even according to study some people sleep with mobile phones under their pillow which is really dangerous for health. There are many advantages or disadvantages of mobile phones but today I am not talking about it. It’s totally depends on us how we use our phone.

    Technology growing fast day by day, learning is continuous process and the focus has now completely shifting towards e-learning. Student are using internet for their study purpose. As you are engineering student and want to be a successful engineers in future. You need something special which can make your study interesting. Today I’ll tell you how you can make your study interesting and how your mobile phone can help you in your study.

    Searching engineering apps on mobile app stores.

    As you are engineering student there are lots of education apps on Google, IOS and Get jar app stores. You just need to find specific apps for your engineering course and start learning with the engineering apps. One of the best thing is you can start learning anytime anywhere by using the engineering apps. Here are some advantages of using study apps that are playing important role in study.

    Following are some advantages of using educational apps:

    · Students don’t need to carry app in a bag like a book.
    · Learn anywhere or anytime you just need to have a mobile phone
    · Students can set reminder for study.
    · Students can find all the topics at a place.
    · Students can learn from online tutorials.
    · Flexibility to learners.

    There may have other important things which are important. If you know suggest those point by commenting below.

    There are some important apps for engineering students which students must have for best practice for engineering courses.

    Theory of Machines: The app is based on mechanical engineering which contains more than 160 topics. In this app you can learn from online tutorial, read blogs, set reminder for according to study time, diagram and examples etc. Here are some of the topics covered in the app.

    1. Tom Definition
    2. Fundamental Units
    3. International System of Units (S.I. UNITS)
    4. Presentation of Units and their Values
    5. Rules for S.I. Units

    Theory of Machines: App Store | Google Play

    Basic Electronics Engineering: The app is based on electrical engineering containing chapters, notes, news blogs, chapters, online tutorials and formulas etc. Specially designed for exam preparation. Here are some of the topics covered in the app.

    1. Introduction to Electronics Engineering
    2. Basic quantities
    3. Passive and active devices
    4. Semiconductor Devices
    5. Current in Semiconductors

    Basic Electronics Engineering: App Store | Google Play

    Database Management System: The app is based on computer science engineering containing chapters, topics, notes, blogs and online tutorials etc. Here are some of the topics covered in the app.

    1. Overview of Database Management Systems
    2. Database Systems versus File Systems
    3. History of Database Systems
    4. View of Data
    5. Extending Database Capabilities

    Database Management System: App Store| Google Play

    These are the engineering apps which are important for engineering students. If you know some other apps mention those apps by commenting below.